Round Wood Banqueting Table 92cm (3ft) RTRND36

Round Wood Banqueting Table 92cm (3ft) RTRND36

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92cm (3ft) Round Wood Banqueting Table RTRND36
Made with bolt through construction and wishbone steel legs that lock into place and include hardwood runners under the edges for convenient use of table skirting.

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Celina Round Wood Folding Table - 36'' / 3' Diameter
Folding Table Legs Overview - Dimple Lock vs. Gravity Lock


Celina Tent

Celina's 36'' (0.91 m) Round Wood Folding Tables provide years of service through quality construction and durability. At 3' in diameter, each table has 2 coats of UV-cured lacquer covering the top, with a strip of protecting material around the edge. The powder-coated steel legs are attached to the top with through-bolt construction for enhanced durability. Tables are sold in sets of 6; the listed price reflects a single table.


  •  3/4" (19 mm) 13 ply A/C plywood top
  • 2 coats of clear, UV-cured lacquer finish on the top side
  • 2 coats of varnish (1 prime coat 1 finish coat) on the bottom
  • PVC 'Bull Nose' edging to protect walls and tables
  • 1" (25 mm) diameter, 18 Gauge (1.2 mm) steel legs
  • Dual dimple style locking mechanism

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