3m (10') White Vinyl Water Gutter

3m (10') White Vinyl Water Gutter

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10' - White Vinyl Water Gutter. Keeps space between tents installed side by side dry. Attaches to the perimeter rope. Tapered creating a natural water flow to the edge of the tent. For Classic Frame, Classic Pole, and Premiere Tents.

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Vinyl water gutters are a perfect solution for an event requiring tents to be installed side by side. The water gutter attaches to the sidewall rope of the adjoining tents with plastic spring snaps and covers the gap between the tent valances. The gutter is tapered creating natural water flow to the edge of the tent. Can be attached to a building by installing a rope system (customer supplied). This water gutter will work on the following tent series: Classic Frame, Classic Pole and Premiere Pole. Available in white only. 

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