Warranty Claims

All of Gettent.co.uk's products are protected by a product support program which we feel is one of the best in the industry. Warranties are applicable to those verified defects or failures that may become apparent within the product(s) warranty terms.

Warranty Claims

Warranty terms and warranty durations vary by product type. Please refer to the specific product warranty listed online at www.Gettent.co.uk

Warranty coverage for resold components or products produced by another manufacturer is limited to warranty offered by that manufacturer.

A product warranty is valid to the original purchaser only, and is not transferable.

Items NOT covered by Warranty in any situation:

  • Normal wear or damage resulting from use contrary to instructions, negligent use or misuse of the product
  • Holes, punctures or other damages which can be caused during normal installation of a tent, whenever proper procedures are not followed
  • Repair or alteration by anyone other than Celina Tent Inc. .
  • Forces of Nature