Starting a Marquee Hire Business

Marquee Tent Hire Business - Team with the best!

Thinking about starting a tent hire business?

Most events hire companies average $800 to $2,000 in profits for every rental. Starting a tent, table and chair rental business is a great way to generate revenue quickly and year round. Think of all the events that use tents: outdoor wedding receptions, auctions, tent sales, festivals, graduation parties, etc. These events can happen during any season.

We invite you to explore the unique field of the Party Tent Rental industry, where the opportunities are endless. Tent rentals are a dynamic business and do not necessarily require a storefront. All services are provided at the customer location. This opens the party tent dealer to any market allowing them to travel great distances (if desired) and eliminates the need for high profile, expensive real estate required by most conventional businesses. It is possible to plan the tent installations around your schedule and still meet the customer's needs. A flexible schedule allows owners to have a full or part-time job in addition to operating their tent business. Most work associated with rentals can be performed on evenings or weekends, allowing the business owner to utilize enthusiastic entry-level employees

Celina Tent

When operated properly, a Party Tent can be in service multiple seasons with little or no maintenance. After the initial purchase, a dealer only has operating costs, vehicles, fuel, insurance, and wages. Once these obligations are met, the remainder is profit for you, the business owner.

Depending on where you are located in the U.S., a tent can be completely paid for in under 10 rentals. During the busy graduation/wedding season, that means that the business owner could realize payback in less than two months. Located in a rural, moderately priced area, Celina Tent Rental would recoup the costs of a 20' x 30' Classic Series Pole Tent in less than 7 rentals. We have seen tents last more than 20+ years.

The further south you are located in the U.S. the longer your rental season will be, and the more income potential you have. Our customers in the southern states can rent tents year round. In Celina, Ohio the tent rental season lasts for about 7 months. When the weather prohibits tent rentals, you will still be able to rent tables and chairs. Tent rental seasons can be extended even further with tent heaters and sidewalls.

Why should you choose the Celina Tent? We speak from real-world business experience. Celina Tent began as a full-service party tent rental company and completely understands the potential profitability of a tent rental operation. Located in Celina, Ohio, we started small with only 6 party tents and in a short time, Celina Tent Rental expanded, regularly servicing Ohio, Indiana, Kentucky, and Michigan. We understand the event rental business; from the simplest operations with only 2 tents to the mega party tent companies with over 500,000 square feet of tents, we service any size company.

Celina is the manufacturer and distributor of all the products needed to run a full-service party tent rental company. Celina Tent owns two state-of-the-art manufacturing facilities; we do not resell imported tents but manufacture everything we sell. We invite you to visit us to tour our facility and see us in action. Tent tops and most tent accessories are made either at our Celina, Ohio or China facility.

In January 2005, Celina Tent sold our rental division so we could focus all of our efforts on tent manufacturing. We came to the realization that our manufacturing division was a conflict of interest with our rental customers by competing for the same rentals. We decided to put our rental customer's interests first and become a world leader in the manufacturing of engineered fabric products and distribution of event equipment.

  • Develop a Business Plan
  • Calculate Start Up Costs
  • Create a Marketing Strategy
  • Define your Pricing Structure
  • Construct a Website
  • Join professional organizations for additional support and exposure.