Job Site Inspection

Site Inspection - Pre-Installation Survey

For Tents, Canopies, Structures, Fabric Buildings & Shelters

This procedure should be completed by a qualified professional or someone who has experience with a tent/canopy installation process. Once complete, the survey will then be given to the person responsible for installation such as a crew leader, job foreman, or installation supervisor.

The purpose of a pre-installation inspection is:

  1. To make all parties involved aware of any possible obstructions (Surface, Underground, and Overhead), any foreseeable safety issues and the difficulty of the proposed setup & tear-down.
  2. Ensure that the proper tent, canopy, or shelter is used, fits the desired location and end-use.
  3. Record the equipment used, installation environment, and a document to be kept for long-term reference.

Pre-Installation Site Inspection Survey:

Call Before You Stake - Utility Locating Services:

If you are planning works anywhere in Great Britain you should contact the National Grid Plant Protection team at least 14 days in advance.

  • Complete a free online request on - get an initial response in minutes
  • Email [email protected] (you will be sent an automated response to confirm receipt)
  • Call Plant Protection for free on 0800 688 588*
  • Write to:
    National Grid Plant Protection,
    Brick Kiln Street,
    LE10 0NA

Job Site Inspection Explained

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