All tent sizes are named in the same basic fashion. The first number represents the width of the tent, and the second number the length. Tents are organized by width because of how our tents are designed; tent width is the beginning value we ascribe to a tent design by starting at one end. This naming process becomes especially important when you begin to deal with tents that come in multiple pieces, referred to as "sectionals." The width represents the longest finished side of the end piece of a sectional tent. Sectional pieces are also named by how they attach to each other; a lace end will have laces along the connecting edge, a grommet end will have a line of grommets, and a mid will have a line of laces on one side and grommets on the other. A line of laces and a line of grommets are required to connect and form a seam or lace line. A Guide To Naming Tents - Shelter, Canopy & Tent Naming System