Your Event, Your Installer – Finding Who’s Right for You

Celina understands that some people simply do not have the time, storage space, or funding to buy and set up larger scale tents on their own. That’s why there are tent rental companies; someone who you can contract to come in, sets up the tent, strikes it after the event, and leaves you having had a wonderful tent experience. How is it that you find these companies? What do you need to look for? Read on!

1.) What You’re Looking For

Once you begin to compare tent rental companies, start out with having both your event date and the approximate size of coverage you’ll need. If you desire to have a very specific style of tent, such as wanting to make sure there are no obstructions like center poles in the tent, this is also something to keep in mind.

Check for rental companies with available tents in the size you need and time slots for installation/tear down.

2.) Extras

While inspecting their tent stock, also look into any other services they may provide. Do you need tables and seating as well? Do they supply lights or flooring? Finding all of these items in one place will not only save you time but will also limit the amount of hassle when everything is arriving on site. A concerted, coordinated event is easier to pull off when you aren’t dealing with multiple arrivals and companies.

Several rental agencies may even offer items or services that you haven’t considered. Light up inflatables? Bar service? There are almost endless options to what you can add to your event.

3.) Emergency Plans

On a more serious note, a good rental company will be prepared for any possible eventuality. While perusing the various tent styles and sizes, try to find out what the company has in way of plans for things such as extreme weather, fire, or other situations where someone with more experience around tents is required. Ask for things like event support or a person to contact with any questions regarding the rental items during the event.

It also doesn’t hurt to have some sort of contract in effect for the rental. It doesn’t have to be a long and involved agreement but should include what is expected from each party.

Remember that it’s up to you to find the rental company that you are most comfortable with; is it worth it to you to pay a little more and get all of your event items from one place, or do you not mind multiple contacts for tables, chairs, etc. at a lower overall price? Is your even long term or just a day or two? The comparisons will reveal more about how you view your event and help you to get everything to be just right. Celina’s Knowledge Center has various articles available to help you become more confident in your event preparation and fully understand every facet of the tent experience. Visit us today!