Whither Wet Weather Wanders

Rain has a way of sneaking up on events. To be fair, there are times when the rain is going to an event set far enough in the future that there is no way to change either the event day OR the rain’s plans for the day. This is most often remedied by the quote:

A first-rate Organizer is never in a hurry. He is never late. He always keeps up his sleeve a margin for the unexpected.  –Arnold Bennett

While other adages about “proper preparedness” are shorter and easier to say, the main attraction we have to this one in particular is the idea of being prepared for all occasions. Is rain coming into town on the eve of your event? The more the merrier! Since rain has no need of a bed, we have the next best thing:  Water Gutters.

An important point to make at this junction is that water gutters can only be installed if two marquees are installed side-by-side. Always make sure that adjacent installations are properly anchored for maximum safety throughout the event.

Simplicity is the Key

Water Gutters are flexible fabric chutes that attach to the marquee top by clipping to the sidewall rope line within. The fabric is designed to taper down at either end, keeping even the slightest collection of rain water flowing out to the edges of the canopy. To make sure the water doesn’t drip into the edges of your confines as it exits the gutters, tongues are attached to each end to keep the stream of water out and away from the structure. Tongues are attached with heat welding, creating water-proof seals.

What you do with the water is completely up to you. While most individuals at a rainy event are content to let the water flow through its natural course (interrupted only slightly to divert it from the marquee footprint), having the rain expelled from the side of the canopy onto the ground. Collecting rain water for some reason? Place barrels or funnel systems at the water gutter edge and watch the water flow!


Both Classic Frame and Classic Pole Marquees have a standard rope line. The standard water gutter is attached to the rope line with clips, wrapping around the hanging valances of the two adjacent structures. This is a quick and simple way to hang the gutters at a moment’s notice.

But what, you may be asking yourself, will you do if your marquee doesn’t have a rope line? We have a style for that too! Celina’s Pinnacle Series is a cross-cable style marquee, with no rope line along the interior. In order to accommodate this, the Pinnacle Water Gutter swaps out the snap clips for hook and loop straps that wrap completely around the structure’s metal tubing. Thus installed, the ends of the gutter are secured in place by straps that have side release buckles on them to wrap around the canopy’s leg tubing.

Keeping your marquee guests comfortable even when rain comes to call is just one of the many minor touches that can upgrade your event from good to great. If you’re looking for more information on any of our canopies or marquees accessories, calls us today at 44-115-794-0041. You can also email us any time at [email protected]inaTent.com.