When We Say Big, We Mean Big

Through the years, Celina Tent has sold many different tents in many different styles. From the at-home pole or frame to the advertising pop up, there really is no arena that we haven’t been a part of. Though our first focus was on the standard rental tent sizes – around the 6.1 m (20’) square or expanded – as manufacturers we’ve branched each of our series into larger and larger sizes in order to offer the tents that everyone wants.

There have been a few larger tents we’ve sold for specialty projects such as storage areas, construction meeting areas and lunch rooms, and so on. In most cases large tents are used for longer installations. How big can we go? Check out our breakdown below!

Tent Brand: Classic Series Frame Tent


Max Width: 12.2 m (40’) Wide

Max Length of Kits: 91.4 m (300’) Long

(Unlimited with additional mid sections/hardware)



The Classic Series Frame, in larger sizes, is a very simple frame to erect. Once you’ve assembled the end sections, the middle area of the tent is a repeating series of rafter and spreader bars to create the tent’s length. 



Tent Brand: Classic Series Pole Tent


Max Width: 24.4 m (80’) Wide

Max Length of Kits: 122 m (400’) Long



Classic Series Pole Tents have less hardware to deal with when compared to frames of the same size, with only the center and side poles needing transport. Larger pole tents have a series of “quarter poles” as well, providing a mid-point support between the standard two types of poles.




Tent Brand: Premiere I Series High Peak Pole Tent


Max Width: 12.2 m (40’) Wide

Max Length of Kits: 91.4 m (300’) Long


With a more advanced tent top fabric design, Premiere I Tents possess even more structural strength than a standard pole tent, with additional changes (including upgraded rain flaps with hook and loop connectors).



Larger tents are great because they’ve been made to be impressive – the sheer size of the installation is enough to draw attention. Housing multiple booths, mass seating for presentations or larger objects such as movie screens makes any large installation a natural gathering point for your event.

As with most Celina Tent products, even the largest of our tents can be printed! After printing and cutting, the tents are created in the same manner, allowing for the same amount of quality construction when compared to the standard white tent.

Should you have any questions on our larger tents, feel free to give us a call at 0115-794-0041 or visit our US-based website, GetTent.com. Ask about our cross-Atlantic shipping!.