Welcoming the Next Tent Season – Preparing Your Fabric for Use

The chill is leaving the air, sunrise is getting earlier, birds are singing – now is the time to start getting your tents ready for the coming spring! While a quick dust-off and a shake may seem like all you need to get your tent top prepped for use, keeping your shelter in top condition can sometimes be a bit more of a hassle than you’d like. Here we’ll list a few key areas to make sure you cover as you uncover your tent.

1.) Cleaning

Tents should be stored for winter pre-cleaned and dry, as this is the best way to prevent any mold, mildew, or wear from breaking down the tent fabric or components. However, some dirt may still accumulate depending on where the tent is stored. Make sure that all accumulated dust and dirt is removed prior to installation. Leaving a tent fabric soiled can lead to pinholes in the fabric where pieces of debris wear down the layers of vinyl. Most ten fabrics can be sprayed with a water hose for simple cleaning, though the best method includes finding a tent cleaner, laying the fabric on a smooth, clean surface, and using soft bristled brushes or mops to gently remove any collected dirt that may have settled on the surface. Be sure to rinse and dry any tent that is cleaned with a tent cleaner.

2.) Repair

Before use, make sure that all of the components and fabrics for the tent are in working condition. Any tears or rips can grow exponentially if not repaired before installation. Likewise, components and pieces should be inspected for corrosion or wear so that the next installation will go smoothly. Areas with rust or spots where any powder coating or paint has come off should be sanded, and a layer of preventative paint or coating should be applied to stall any further chemical wear. Any pieces that have become damaged should be considered for replacement.

3.) Prevention Treatment

The start of a tent season is the best time to prep your fabric with any treatment that can stall degrading. For example, many places sell mold and mildew prevention treatments that can be applied to tent fabric and help to reduce any accumulation, fabric degradation, and staining that can accompany them. These treatments are generally easy to put on and can last up to a year before reapplication.

Just as with proper storing and usage techniques, unpacking and preparing your tent fabric and components is the best way to ensure that your tent will stay in the best condition for years to come. Investing time and work into your tent benefits everyone – from the tent owner to the guests within. Celina offers tent packages and general tenting advice on our website, www.GetTent.co.uk. Be sure to read up on our on-site blog, and check out our many informative videos on our YouTube Channel. Happy Tenting!