Visibility: Branding's Best Buddy

Having a great name, logo, and design is the first step toward getting your business noticed. No matter what your product is, even the most clever catchphrase and beautiful icon can only bring you so far. You need to get out there.

Depending on how you plan on marketing yourself, printed products can provide the attention you need without the hassle of continued spending. Yes, you may need to replace pieces, parts, or fabric over time, but the number of uses before then more than offset any upkeep fees. Let’s say you’re finally quitting your day job and fulfilling your dream of making the world’s finest miniature painted ceramic unicorn figurines – how are YOU getting noticed?

The Local Market

So you’ve decided to start small. Good thinking – your basement fabrication space won’t be able to accommodate a country-wide boom in sales yet. Traveling to the local market and setting up a table can get you noticed, but think about of much more attention you’re garner when you set up a Pop Up Canopy with your Logo. The complete set of merchandise underneath is sure to draw the crowds in!

The Growing Enterprise

Having stepped past the local grocer’s stall, you can start to spread town-to-town. With each new trip, you’re going to have to look more and more put together, profession, and able to fill the demand for tiny imaginary animal effigies.

Competing with other businesses of the same size, you’re going to need to get that much flashier. Adding some printed backdrops can greatly increase the focus of your setup, as would sidewalls. Have you thought about rail skirts? They’re half walls that you can use not only to add more advertising space, but you can still talk and conduct business over them!

The Big Time

Huzzah! Your business has finally reached such a large expanse of people that you not only need more visibility, but you’ve moved out of your basement and now have a factory! Congrats – that’s a lot of miniature horses with horns!

Each installation can be bigger and brighter than the last – adding flags (which can connect right to your tent frame) for all market locations, you can keep your original tent inventory and simply add more! With you factory up and running (which people will want to visit, of course), you can decorate and advertise by adding printed vinyl banners and mesh screens around the property. Everyone will know exactly who you are!

Making the Dream

Whew! That was a whirlwind of ceramic fancy, eh? All kidding aside, the amount of printing that Celina provides works at all levels on the advertising spectrum. We’ve made tents, flags, and banners for major corporations and local events alike. For any product that you can’t find on, take a quick jaunt over to to pick out any item for international shipping.