Up in a Flash – the Presto Tent Installs like Magic!

Quick and easy installation made just for you.

Quick – what’s the fastest way to get some shade in your garden? Apart from a mastery of growing foliage (and a LOT of green-thumb skills), the fastest coverage we can imagine is the Presto Series Tent. Whether you’ve been planning your outing for weeks or you just like the way the weather feels that day, this easy-to-assemble pole tent is here for reliable shading at a moment’s notice.

“Easy Peasy” Assembly

Sometimes people find themselves less-inclined to using standard pole tents, and even their frame counterparts, because of the amount of materials that are needed to be hauled to and fro in order to get all the pieces needed for a safe installation. This is why we typically recommend the Presto Tent series for customers who need an “easy peasy” installation tent. The Presto Tent is made with simple set up in mind – the poles all come in pieces that disassemble and store in marked bags so that you can locate them quickly and efficiently.

Once you have all of your pieces put together, you can spread out the fully assembled top (which is complete with anchoring ropes sewn-in), push your anchor pins into the ground, and get to lifting!

The poles are inserted into grommets and tensioned by looping the ropes over the anchor pins and pulling on the tension bar. Once all the poles are up, tighten and enjoy your fully-installed shade station. Installation can even be summarized in as little as a 3 minute video!

And in This Corner …

Once you’ve installed your tent, you’ll most likely be enjoying yourself too much to notice the design aspects that bring this simple installation to your garden. Our engineers have worked hard to make sure that the Presto is easy to use, while still delivering the quality tent designed right here in our Celina, Ohio facility. Among the most notable aspect:

  •  Marked Carrying Bags – For organization and identification, each bag is marked with what goes inside.

  •  Collapsing Components – All poles disassemble for easy storage and carrying; take your tent everywhere!

  •  Translucent Top Material – The tent is lightweight at the expense of just the right amount of light coming through the fabric.

  •  No Tools Needed – Push-pin pole assembly, sewn-in anchoring ropes, and easy-to-insert anchoring pins mean you don’t need stake drivers or masses of fasteners.

Whether you’re just wanting the best in simple backyard shade or the best large-scale tent installation (or the best of everything in between), Celina is here to help you find the right fit for you! Our website, www.GetTent.co.uk, has 24/7 online chat support. Strike up a conversation, day or night, for access to all tenting options. With our support features, full complement of videos, and access to our full US catalog with quick shipping, we’re certain we can get you on your way with exactly what you’re looking for. Contact us today for more information!