The Time for Replacements

Most frugal business owners will tell you that it can be a terrible burden to try and replace the entirety of something at one time. Want to re-do the flooring in your business? Start with the waiting room, then when you’ve had a chance to break and recuperate funds, move on to the offices or workroom floor. It’s also just good business from a space-management standpoint; if you can fit your equipment into an adjacent area for a week instead of shipping it to a warehouse or storage shed for a month, why not?

We’ll cover the three main areas where replacing a custom-printed product becomes necessary, along with the level of importance and required speed of replacement.

Failing or Malfunctioning Material

Replacement Necessity: High

Of course there is the standard “this has a hole in it” or “this is very faded and no longer recognizable” issue necessitating the replacement of any kind of marketing item. Having materials with obvious wear doesn’t reflect well on your product. If there are problem areas that are out of site, such as ink fading on a particular side or panel of a printed item, it can be maneuvered to be in a less-visible area and give you some time to price a replacement piece.

Any mechanical failings, such as broken frame pieces or malfunctioning banner or stand hardware, should be taken out of use and replaced immediately.


Replacement Necessity: Moderate

Does your banner call out a new product? How long do you want to have the word “New” displayed across your advertising? While it’s great to make sure your audience is aware that this product is something they probably haven’t heard of or seen before, this can only last so long before it starts to feel like a cheap grab for attention. And, of course, once consumers start to recognize your product they’re going to know that you haven’t sprung for a new banner or Fast Shade Tent Top for a while.

In the case of product introductions, it may behoove you to have an additional “New Product/Try This!” banner or flag dedicated to the concept of “new” itself that you can simply add to the product motif as you set up or install your presentation area.

Logo Upgrading

Replacement Necessity: Low

Brand recognition is why you need to displaying your product again and again, and is the reason for the months’ of headaches and work into just how red that red needs to be or deciding on just the right angle of swoosh for your main logo. It’s important to phase gradually from old to new, which gives you a bit more time and leeway when needing to swap out your promotional material.

Replacing a few of your most-used items can start refreshing your inventory, while connecting the new and old branding.

Once you’ve made the decision to start cycling out your old and used items, for whatever reason, you may be surprised at just how much of a difference it will make. As always, if you need any information on hardware replacements and printed product ordering contact us at [email protected], or give us a call at 0115-794-0041.