The Layout Handbook: Wealth at your Fingertips

Celina Tent has a vast amount of industry knowledge about marquee and canopy use that we’ve accumulated over the years. This can be accessed through the Knowledge Center, or by watching our YouTube Channel to see instructional and promotional videos. However, there are times when you’re out at installation and don’t have quick access to the internet. What are you going to do?

Over the decades where Celina Tent has been a rental company and then a manufacturer and marquee innovation center, we’ve been able to gather all of the most useful information for installers. Through this we developed the Layout Handbook; a comprehensive book that contains hardware quantity counts, installation and layout imagery, and various other informative articles that come in handy when you’re on site and about to drive the first stake.


Contained inside are many different sections containing specifics for each and every series of marquee that Celina Tent offers commercially.

Marquee Series Overviews and Layout Images Pages: The start of each section in the Handbook gives general information about that series of tents, including the basic hardware, fasteners, manufacturing methods, and specialty marquee attributes. Each overview is followed by the Layout Images. These images give you a visual representation of the assembled or laid out marquee hardware. Accompanying each image is a key that lists the parts used in the image, and also gives quantity counts for the hardware required for installation.

Layout Quantity Charts: At the end of each section of marquees, information about larger canopies that are less common and harder to show visually is arranged in chart form. All of the same statistics are compiled in the chart as are on the layout pages. The actual hardware formations for the non-pictured marquees can be extrapolated from the previous images, as most larger marquees are increased in length by adding center or “mid” sections.

Notes Pages: There are several pages left with blank lines for notes that may be particular to your business, remember specifics about a job or marquee or just for doodling. We won’t judge.

Informative Sections: Several pages are filled with information and tips useful for all stages of an installation, from inspection and inventory picking to hardware and fabric handling.

  • General Tent Information – a quick run-through of frame versus pole marquees, drop cloths, and pinhole issues

  • Site Inspection – tips for making a safe and easy installation

  • Tent Seating Chart – a comparison of tent sizes and types of seating to determine the guest capacity for marquees

  • Tent SKU Breakdown – an explanation and chart of all ID #’s for marquees

  • Squaring Chart – an easy reference page for diagonal measurements for initial layout

  • Frame Fitting Identification Chart – a visual guide to all the pieces used in the various styles of frames for marquees and canopies

* * * * *

Layout Handbooks can be purchased from our US website; when you order, you can use the coupon code “FREEBOOK” when checking out to take off the cost of the book from your order! While you’re there feel free to look over our wide variety of printed and standard event products. Send any questions you may have to us by emailing [email protected] or call us at 44-115-794-0041. We look forward to hearing from you!