The Celina Storage Solution: Crestline Truss Arch Fabric Structures

Celina has been growing for many years now – our diversification from solely offering party marquees into custom printing and a wider variety of structures has not only stretched our abilities but also our factory capacity. From storage of finished shelters to hiring more employees to cover all areas of production, space on Celina’s campus has been at a premium for some time. This makes it the perfect time to get into details about our semi-permanent storage shelter line, Crestline Truss Arch Fabric Shelters!

While each Crestline takes a much longer time to install, this is due to the added structural stability that makes the shelter strong enough to withstand most year-round, hardcore weather conditions.

What, exactly, is Semi-Permanent?

We are referring to the ability for a shelter to weather most weather (heh J), and also how easy it is to move the shelter once it’s been installed. The semi-permanence that we attach to the Crestline is important for two reasons:

  • Most event canopies are NOT made for snow loading
    Snow loading is the terminology used to talk about how much snow the structure can support over an extended period of time. As a form of water, snow can get exceptionally weighty over a very short time. Most canopies (especially those that are pole supported) can suffer structural failure with too much added weight. Event canopies are normally not designed for winter use and as such have no snow load rating.

  • Structural Strength without Breaking Ground
    The benefit of a semi-permanent structure that is designed for maximum strength is the ability to install one without needing to break ground. Specifically, it provides a large amount of protection, much like a building, but without having to create a literal building.

Built for Every Situation

All of this added strength and longevity is all well and good if you have the space for it. Many structures of this type require large areas over which to be installed, which can become an issue depending on the space you have. Luckily, Crestlines (installation video here) have a wide variety of designs to allow use for nearly any layout or situation.

  • Vertical/Arched Side Variants
    Choosing between arched or vertical sides allows you to maximize usable space for larger or taller items when vertical is chosen, or gives you better rain and snow run off with additional full-shelter strength with the arched side option.

  • Container Shelters
    Don’t need a full free standing structure? Crestline Container Shelters are installed between shipping containers, using them as both anchors and wall segments and providing covered space in between.

  • Single/Double Truss Variants
    While each base model is stronger than your average marquee, the choice of single versus double trusses is an option for making your shelter even better to withstand long-gust winds and shelter stresses. A double-truss gives each arch segment an additional line within the arch for double the support.

Because these structures are so immense in storage, it should be noted that most will take a few weeks in manufacturing in order to create the exact style you’re after. If we’ve piqued your interest, our account managers can help guide you through the selection process and give additional advice for getting the right Crestline for you. Gives us a call today at 44-115-794-0041 for more info!