The Celina Feeling: Quality Across the Board

We like to cover many topics here at Celina. We’re proud of our custom printing abilities, extending across all of our marquee styles and trade show accoutrements. Our business, built from the ground up starting in the hire industry that we now serve, is dedicated to delivering the highest quality products for the greatest events. Today, we’re going to cover what our customers most like about Celina as a whole. No in-depth looks into a product’s construction, just the parts about Celina, that je ne sais quoi that sets us apart from the rest.

Online Accessibility

The ability to sell entire canopy systems – fabric, support system, guy lines, and anchors – on the internet isn’t quite as wide-spread as you would think. We try and make sure that everything you could need for an installation, up to and including accessories for you canopy, are available for you when you want them. With this availability comes the necessity for relevant information. Through our online Knowledge Center, manuals listing, applicable flame certificates, and instructional PDF’s and videos we make sure that you have everything you need for a smooth marquee experience.

Friendly 24/7 Contacts

Celina tries to remain accessible as much as possible. In case you can’t find the information you need online, there has to be a way for us to get that information to you. While we field phone calls during our business hours, we also answer emails to individual Customer Account Managers and to the general email [email protected]. In addition, there’s also our 24 hour chat service located on each Celina website. Located in the lower right corner of each page is a small window that occasionally pops up, which will instantly connect you with a representative able to help you with any needs you may have.

Attention to Detail …

Each customer comment we receive is taken into account as we evaluate every product we make. With a staff of four full time engineers, Celina is constantly re-evaluating, reviewing, and redesigning everything we produce. From the connection methods of our sectional fabric tops to the structural stability of the variations on our normal framing and poles, not one item is left out of our extensive evaluation process.

… With an Eye on Economy

The very same dedication to detail has been focused in on our processes and materials. Through extensive research and delving into both LEAN manufacturing and lot tracing procedures, we’ve been able to reduce fabric waste and increase economy of movement to allow us to price our items at the most economical.

Each and every action we take is oriented toward delivering to our customers the best quality product that we can provide, giving customers years of hassle-free usage from canopies and accessories lovingly made with them in mind. Let us know how we’re doing – we love feedback! Contact us by calling +44 115 794 0041, emailing us ([email protected]), or chatting with us in the box provided on any of Celina’s website. We look forward to hearing from you!