The Celina Catalog: Complete and Available!

The internet is a wonderful thing. Instantaneously across wide swathes of land and sea, people can communicate with one another, share stories and media. Heck – I’m writing this for you right now, and I’m in a building next to corn fields in Ohio! One of the widest uses that have improved the convenience of everyday life is the ability to buy almost anything you could want, and pretty much any time of day. Celina has become one of the largest marquee and canopy sellers due to our dedication to making every item we offer available online.

Celina has a wide variety of frame and pole marquees for sale right on this website. Each item has been a popular fixture in our sales for years. This allows us to make sure that the products we’re offering are some of the highest quality; products that we stand behind 100%.

As we’ve mentioned before, in addition to Celina also operates the US-based Upon closer inspection, you’ll notice that there are a few items that don’t actually appear on both sites. All items that show up on the US site represent our full catalog, which is a bit larger than the selection on the UK site. Why, you ask?


Our reasoning is two-fold; first and foremost, we stock our UK distribution center with the highest quality and best-selling items to make sure that you have the fastest access to the products that are most requested. Secondly, there is only so much space that we can dedicate to product; if something isn’t moving in a high enough volume, we actually begin to lose money on just keeping it in close proximity to our market.


So how different can the full catalog be from the spread on this site? Here are just a few items that you can purchase with only a few extra shipping days as the additional cost:

  • Larger Dimension Tents

    Keeping massive canopies in stock can be costly on our end – with larger marquees upwards of 2,973 square meters in size, you can image just how many poles and stakes that would add up to. Our main Distribution Center in Celina, Ohio has more than enough space for this kind of storage, available for online orders.

  • Other Tent Styles

    The only issue one comes across with having to many kinds of tents is the little differences. Some require pins for assembly, some more staking and ratchets, steel cables for others. Master Series Frame Tents, Classic Series Gable Frame Tents, and more with specialty designs may not be our massive sellers, but are still available.

  • Specialty Printed Items

    Yes, we do offer printed canopies, sidewalls and table covers already, but have you considered the large variety of banners that can be hung in marquees? Printed A-Frame Signs, Step and Repeat Banners, and more can be ordered just as easily!

  • Stacking Chairs

    One of the main concerns surrounding stacking chairs is the space they take up – both in storage and in transit. It’s for this reason that our stacking chairs aren’t kept in stock at our UK facility. You can still discover our wide variety of styles and colors here.

We invite you to take a long look at not only our main landed catalog here at, but also the wider array of products that you can have shipped to you from our Celina Distribution Center. With so many items, from specialty printing to massive canopy coverage, we’re sure you’ll find what you’re looking for!