Tabling Your Order - Round and Trestle Varieties

I’m always interested when I visit events about the host’s choice of tables for guest use. Depending on the venue – indoor versus outdoor, 200 guests for just a few friends, etc. – your choice in available surface area is going to change. At least, the variables that you should be considering when making your table choice will be vastly different. What’s the matching table cover doing for you? Is the sun causing undo wear? What, how or why are table runners? Let’s get into it.

1-      Décor Ahoy!

When you’re trying to create a continuous, connected “whole” in your decoration for an event, the make of your tables can add or detract from your intended effect. Classier venues and banquets may not be the best place to showcase your new resin tables. Hardwood tables have a heft to them – a sort of gravity of their own that even when covered by a cloth can make them fit in better with an established ambiance. Many of Celina’s specialty tables, including certain sizes of round folding tables or the knock-down pedestal table, come in wood exclusively.


2-      Protection and Lifespan

Most all of the folding table available will have powder-coated steel legs, which are coated in order to prevent rusting and ease damage from bumps, and also have non-marking rubber feet to protect not only the steel leg tubing but also protect flooring. You won’t have to worry about accidental table-scoot ruining the parquet.


Care for all styles of tables boils down to the make of the tabletop material.

·         Resin – UV- and water-resistant, resin tops can be cleaned with most commercial surface cleaners appropriate for the intended use; kitchen cleaners in case you are going to use them for food prep, slightly harsher disinfectants for when transitioning from outdoor to indoor use.

·         Wood – Each wooden top is coated with lacquer to keep the wood from being affected by moisture. Normal cleaning with dish soap and warm water is fine but try to avoid harsh chemical cleaners or abrasives that can remove any of the coatings.


3-      To Storage and Back Again; a Table’s Tale

Let’s imagine: you’re at an indoor venue, a banquet hall, and you need eating space for 200 people. As with most areas created or maintained specifically for this form of entertaining, tables will be stored in a more easily accessible area as part of the overall appeal of having this kind of specialization built into the area.

No matter which style or shape you choose, Celina’s high quality tables can be ordered online in even sets starting at 6 stables. All tables are sold in sets to aid in protection during shipping; tables are stacked top-to-top to lessen any possible scratching or other minor transit damage. Follow this link for videos on using both gravity- and dimple-lock mechanisms on folding table legs. As always, we love to hear from you! Contact us by phone (44-115-794-0041) or email ([email protected]) with any questions you may have.