Table Legs for Fun and Profit!

While you may be aware that I do a lot of blog writing, I’ve also tried my hand at the odd wood-working style projects. Shelves, desk tops, wooden chests – they’re all slightly off in some way or another when you’re not a professional, unless you’re building from a kit. And that’s what makes the replacement chair legs from Celina Tent look so official. They’re easy to install, and come with the instructions to prove it!


After the hire season starts to wind down and you have some time to breath, the next cycle of “assess and mend” begins. Any and all damaged or aging items should be looked at to see about salvaging them for re-use next season. Table tops and legs alike are designed to withstand a moderate amount of use; the tops themselves can be re-varnished or treated to bring back that like-new luster. It’s hard to mend table legs that have been bent or scratched.

Replacing table legs allows you to recycle the damaged steel that is taken off of your table, minimizes the cost of getting that table back into service, and is easy enough to do on your own in your spare time.

Standard Deviation

It should be noted that Celina Tent does not include the required bolts, nuts, or tooling needed to swap out a set of table legs. Replacement legs are designed to be used with through-bolting, where the connection bolts extend all of the way through the wooden table to the top surface.

In case the orientation of the bolts is dissimilar to your previous leg set, you may have to fill old holes and drill new ones in order for the replacement legs to fit. Measurements for the required holes can be obtained by simply laying the new legs on the underside of the table and marking or tracing the hole locations.

To make sure that the legs will fit your table to begin with, each of the leg sets is divided into two round table sizes and one size for trestle tables.

60” or 72” Round Table Leg Sets

Perfect for 152 cm and 183 cm round tables, these leg sets are create to overlap one another when installed so that the legs do not stick out from the perimeter of the table when it is collapsed.

Trestle Table Leg Sets

These legs, unlike those made for round tables, do not overlap when collapsed, so it is necessary to have enough room underneath the table to accommodate the entirety of the leg set.

All leg dimensions can be found by scrolling down on each product page and clicking on the “Technical Drawings” located in the Literature section. As always, feel free to contact us with any questions!

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