Spring is in the Air!

As the air starts to fill with squawking birds and less snow than there has been recently, everyone’s marquees are starting to come out of hibernation. Stretching their guy lines, canopies across the country are getting ready for warmer weather. The emergence of the spring marquees is a natural wonder enjoyed by families every year. Are these marquees ready? They’re going to need your help!

Helping Natural Beauty

Protecting these gentle giants doesn’t have to be as in depth and costly as most imagine it to be. Once they’ve emerged from their shelves, bags, or caves (Celina Tent does not condone storing vinyl in caves), marquees should go through rigorous steps to make sure they can survive the upcoming event season.

1. Inspection

Once the marquee is fully awake and ready to take on the day, it should be inspected to make sure that no damage has come to it in the interim. Long periods with no movement tend to make stored fabric an ideal new home for small animals like mice and other pesky pests. These can cause damage to vinyl and make messes that are unpleasant to look at let alone clean up. Assessing the state of your canopies will allow you to select ones that require the least amount of work before use, to make sure you have a base set of marquees ready to go while you work on brushing up the less pretty canopies.

2. Cleaning (if necessary)

Even if no small animals have decided to nest within your canopy, dust and grit does tend to settle on stored items over time. Storing fabric in bags does cut this down immensely but most canopies can still benefit from a quick wipe down with standard tent cleaning processes. This step should also be completed before any repairs are attempted on canopy fabric.

3. Staging

Briefly mentioned above in step one, one useful practice is separating out the canopies that need a little more care before being released into the work pool. This way you know exactly which tops are ready for immediate use and can schedule the cleaning and repair of others to fill in any gaps that you may have in availability. Lots of large-scale weddings coming up? You can route the bigger pole canopy tops to be taken care of first and mitigate potential delays.

Marquee Wildlife Fund

Celina Tent is a proud member of the Marquee Wildlife Fund, where we try to relocate new marquees and canopies to good, caring homes! If you’d like to take a look at the available variety of marquees, click on the “Shop” tab at the top of the page and browse through all of our vinyl friends who are in need of your loving care. Not to be left behind, we also help various marquee and event accessories find similarly well-placed home where they can flourish.

If you have any questions regarding availability or use of our products, feel free to contact us at 44-115-794-0041, or send us your questions and comments by emailing [email protected]. With your help, we can end marquee and canopy misuse!