Spreading Colors, Wall to Wall

The noble sidewall: it keeps the wind out, helps to define your tent space, and is generally a good thing to have around. General usage aside (nod to a future blog, anyone?), what more do you need to know about them?

Branding, Anyone?

Most commonly, when someone orders a printed sidewall it is for advertising purposes. No matter which style they are using – Classic Series Pole/Frame, Pinnacle, Fast Shade – the branded sidewall is perfect for transforming a common tent accessory into useful promotion materials.

  • Fast Shade/ Pinnacle Sidewalls

    Our most popular advertising shelter, the Fast Shade is a light and portable tent that is commonly used at fairs, festivals, and tradeshows. Additional Fast Shade Sidewalls can be added to bolster new product visibility, display popular products, or build up brand recognition. The Pinnacle Tent, which has a little more involved installation process, is still a favorite for smaller lots or venues.

    Both Fast Shade and Pinnacle Sidewalls are created specifically to be used with their respective tent styles, and can’t be interchanged with other styles of tents.

  • Classic Series Frame and Pole Sidewalls

    Celina Tent’s printed sidewalls for our common frame and pole tents are preferred for customers that are setting up larger installations – bigger tent footprints than the common Fast Shade can cover. Longer installations can benefit from printed walls to give the tent someone more than the plain, boring white look. As an added benefit, Classic Series Frame and Pole Sidewalls are designed to work with most tent manufacturer’s brands, meaning that you won’t need to buy a whole new tent system if you’d like to try out a few printed walls.

Quality from Start to Finish

Printed sidewalls are created at our main production facility, where our state-of-the-art latex printers create eye-popping prints of our customer’s designs. Celina continually upgrades our printing processes and equipment to make sure we offer the best in printed materials.

From the start of offering print services, we’ve worked hard to combine the highest quality fabrics with processes that won’t compromise durability and fabric life. Fabric sturdiness is one of the two highest priorities, the other being ability to print on so that the image is bright, vibrant, and lasting through heavy use. Testing upon testing has lead us to using DuraPrint, a style of PVC fabric that is designed to harness all of the best qualities of vinyl fabric with the ability to have print stick to the surface and look great.

*   *   *

Whether you design your wall yourself (using our downloadable PDF templates) or send your artwork on to our graphics department, you can be assured that the end product will be a flashy and unique addition to your installation, no matter what style of event you’re hosting.

Celina Tent has a wide array of both online resources – including video walkthroughs and PDF instructions – and available chat services to help at every step of the order process. Let us help you create a sidewall that screams YOU (not literally, of course J).