Spot Free and Shiny - Keeping your Marquee Clean

 As we begin to sluff off the snows and wintry mantle common this time of year (re: winter), marquee prepping is getting well underway for the upcoming canopy season. While your new fabrics are clean those already in your inventory will most likely need more than a quick wipe off. This can be complicated by whatever use your canopy fabric was put to previously. With so many different events requiring canopies – from general merchandise sales to concessions to group shade awnings – you can understand a hire service’s plight when it comes to taking the fabric back and preparing it for a new event.

Easy Clean Abilities

While Celina has been able to advance marquee design over the years, keeping the tents sparklingly white is a whole other realm of work. Through material sourcing and repeated test-cleanings, we’ve found that the best way to keep a Celina canopy in top shape involves three facets:

  1.  Warm Water
    A happy medium in terms of temperature is the best for loosening any dirt or grime that has collected on your canopy or sidewall. Water that is too hot can begin to melt the PVC coating, while chilly water just never seems to be able to get the job done as well.

  2.  Mild Soap

    We tell our customers that the best types of tent cleaners (apart from those formulated specifically for tent cleaning) are the same as those you would use on your dishes at home. Normal dish soap is mild enough to not cause any additional wear during use, and has the ability to clear away many different oils in addition to standard earth and dust.

  3.  Soft Cloth/Brushes

    We like to think of our canopy fabric as another member of the company – and we don’t normally think of scrubbing our coworkers with stiff bristled brushes for the same reason we wouldn’t treat fabrics that way. More wear and tear can come from a brisk scrubbing than can be accumulated through 5 or 6 uses, so using a cloth or soft-bristled brush is a must for loosening dirt while maintaining your marquee’s integrity.

    In case you have larger marquees that may take a longer time to scrub by hand, a power sprayer can also be used to clean large swathes of fabric. The same base cleaning elements – warm water and mild soap – will work, so long as the power sprayer isn’t used in close proximity to the fabric or while the fabric is on a rough surface where the extra pressure can cause abrasions.

Routine for Success

The hire services that Celina works with have shared with us a few tips of the trade; some of the ideas they’ve implemented to deal with the variety of accumulated soils that have accompanied their marquee fabrics back to their shops.

  • Track the Tent Use and Organize Accordingly

  • Create a Base Line Cleaning Process Across the Board

Whether you’re unpacking for the coming season or taking a canopy in from a recent use, proper cleaning is one of the best preventative measures for making sure your canopy investment is maintained for years to come. Looking for more on tent care? Visit our Knowledge Center (here on and also our US site,