Special Care for Bespoke Marquee Tops

One of the most popular printed items that Celina offers is our large-scale bespoke marquee tops. Made from Duratop, which is specifically designed to be the best vinyl for canopies, prints on canopy tops are a great way to identify you at events and keep branding consistent. To make sure that your investment lasts for more than just a few installations, there are a few steps to remember during its use.

Much like a small art project given to you by a child, bespoke printed fabric tops are special to the individual. While you should always treat the vinyl tops of your canopies with care to ensure that they last for years’ worth of use, specially printed fabric tops deserve a little more time and effort to keep in tip top shape.

Heavy Lifting

All marquee fabric tops should be lifted when carried place to place. This keeps your top fabric intact and minimizes the chance of wearing down the outer PVC layers. Making sure to carry your fabric is doubly important as you transport bespoke printed fabrics. While the inks used to print on vinyl are formulated to be as hearty and fade-resistant as possible, scratching at the surface will still remove some of the inks and possibly layers of PVC. Not only is this bad for the image, but can also leave your marquee fabric prone to scrim mold and further wear.


When your marquee comes down after an installation, it’s important to remember not to clean it too harshly, either in scrubbing or with cleaners. Cleaning your marquee top regularly prevents staining that can occur from leaves, dirt, and debris sitting on the vinyl for long periods of time.

  • Scrub-a-dub-dub

    Never use a lot of pressure to scrub printed fabric. Light rubbing with soft sponges or cloth, possibly even a soft mop (only so long as the securing hardware does not come into contact with the fabric) should be more than enough to free up any settled dirt, leaves, or whatever else has collected on your top.

  • Not Quite Alchemy

    Harsh chemical cleaners – bleach, vinegar, de-greaser cleaning agents – all can damage the prints on bespoke fabrics. They can immediately damage the inks by fading them or causing them to wipe off of the PVC. Using harsh cleaners can also cause the prints to experience greater wear on subsequent uses.

It may seem that there are innumerable small extra steps for keeping and caring for bespoke printed vinyl, but when you take into account the basic upkeep that Celina suggests for our tops regularly it’s not that much more hassle. One or two extra cleanings, keeping an eye on transporting, and you’ve got a beautiful marquee top that will last for years! As always, if you have any additional questions feel free to contact Celina by calling a Customer Account Manager at 44-115-794-0041, or by sending an email to [email protected].