Sizing Up Your Round Table Options

As you stock up on tables for whatever event you have in the future, it seems as though the sizing choices can be a little nit-picky. Most round table diameters increase in increments of 12” (36”, 48”, etc.) but after a certain size, you begin to take things like difficulty with transportation and storage into account. This brings us to the top two round table sizes available. 60” or 72” tables – does it matter which ones you get? Is that measly 12” difference that much of a boon or burden?

Seating and Spacing

In general, around 10 to 12 people can be comfortably seated around a 60” diameter round table. So with an additional 12” how many more can you possibly squeeze in? It’s necessary to remember that the additional distance is to the table’s diameter, not the circumference. The expanded room bumps up the available seating to 12 to 14 individuals, no small increase when you take into account a room with many tables.

Circular tables are the best style for environs where people want to converse in larger groups; this is most popular for weddings, receptions, or any gathering where people aren’t required to focus on a presentation or speaker for the majority of the event. Remember that common spacing between tables is 42” (around 1 m) to allow for two guests seating behind one another at opposite tables.

Transportation and Storage

Depending on the table’s construction material, a standard 60” round table will weigh around 60 pounds (27.2 kg). Round tables have the natural benefit of being roll-able for easy transportation (so long as you are careful with the surfaces the edging will come in contact with so that it doesn’t sustain too much damage). This makes their weight of less consequence, to an extent. Now just image the 72” round table – at an additional 12” in width and 15 pounds (6.8 kg) more weight, it can be more of a hassle even just moving room to room.

What to Conclude

Are you willing to trade setting up fewer tables for dealing with the increase in weight and bulk? Are you trying to create a more intimate atmosphere instead of combining larger groups at each table? In reality, it is up to the people who will be doing the planning and installing to agree on which size, though very similar, will provide the most benefit for the occasion.

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