Sidewall Mix and Match!

At Celina, we do love to talk about how many items we can customize through our printing process. Through testing, retesting, and even developing our own chemical bonding formula for vinyl fabrics we’ve been able to create a wide range of products that we’ve successfully inked up. Ordering a printed sidewall, which we’ve covered previously, is a great way to invest in an item with dual purpose; it shields your tent interior from the elements, and serves to further marketing your brand, product, or service with little additional effort.

Equally revered are our lines of marquee sidewalls. We can’t tell you how many customers we’ve had that love using our Royalty sidewalls, even if their original tents are from other manufacturers! Making each sidewall from high-quality fabric allows them to last longer than your average canopy. The time and effort put into making a wall that is usable across many different manufacturer’s branded canopies makes it easy to mix and match – not requiring specific hardware that can be hard to find.

Now, imagine that you’re in an area where you just can’t bear to have the sun completely blocked from your tent’s view – what do you do? Do you take down your walls, removing that marketing aspect and let the sun shine in? Or do you keep the walls up and simply forgo a little extra vitamin D?

Why not compromise?

Printed Window Sidewalls – yes, a combination of printed vinyl with clear PVC panels – allow you to let the sun shine in and still have full-color panels proudly proclaiming your products (+5 points for alliteration- YES!). The design for these is very similar to the standard Cathedral Sidewalls, with the clear pane RF/HF welded to the main wall fabric. This keeps the wall integrity intact so that no water or air can get in around the edges.

The obvious down side when dealing with the print design is that there are large swaths of wall which are not being used for advertising. You can always work this into your order – you can look at your wall’s solid panels as being individual poster-sized display areas or work your art to include these openings in the overall design. Common styles include false wall facades with window accoutrement such as printed shutters and angled window roof sections, or theme walls such as garden scenes and landscapes. Just remember when considering printed window walls that there will be less continuous space for designing (this is part of the compromise).

Point of Sale

Celina has one of the most comprehensive tent and event accessory websites, but with so many options for products there can be a bit of a struggle getting it all onto the page. You can find our Royalty Sidewalls and Cathedral Sidewalls online, but for ordering more complicated items it’s easiest for all parties involved to contact us directly. Celina has a dedicated print department skilled in creating beautiful printed product that would be more than happy to help you in designing your wall.

We can be contacted three different ways: you can give us a call at +44 115 794 0041, talking with a customer account manager, send us at email with your request to [email protected], or use the handy chat window in the lower right corner of any Celina website. It’s that easy!