Rain - An Issue No More!

One of the major issues that can come about with fabric shelter installations in the fall and spring is the near constant intrusion from rain. And that’s why we have marquees! When you start to set up marquees beside each other, however, the slight areas between the protective canopies can become a watershed area certain to add a few drops to your person. Inter-canopy travel should be easy and water free!

Luckily, Celina has just the thing to ensure that you can remain out of drips’ way. The Water Gutter is a hanging trough that catches any water runoff falling between adjacent marquees and channels it to the outside edges of each canopy. Because of the impermeable nature of the 16 ounce vinyl, no drops will bother guests. What’s not to like?

Simple Design

Every water gutter is at its most basic an elongated vinyl wedge that, when installed, creates a slight arch with the lowest points at each edge. The fabric wraps around the two marquee valances that are adjacent to one another. To ensure that the water completely exits the tent, the end of the gutter has a tongue that extends out from the base of the gutter.

To keep the gutter in place there are two separate connection systems. First, each of the long edges of the gutter have a series of hook and loop straps or snap clips sewn to them; snap clips that attach directly to the rope line that is located at the top of the valance on the inside of your canopy top, or hook and loop to wrap around the frame’s perimeter tubing. Secondly, the ends of the gutter need to be kept in place. Each end has a set of quick release buckle straps. These straps wrap around the leg tubing at the open edge of the marquee, securing the ends in place and reducing any chance of water redirection back toward the tent.

Styles for All

Just as there are slight differences between Classic Series Frame/Pole Tent and Pinnacle Series High Peak Frame Tent designs, the water gutters that are used with either also have slight differences. The change made to the main connection method is due to canopy construction; as the Pinnacle Series lacks the rope like that is standard in all Classic Series Pole and Frame tents, there is obviously an issue with using snap clips. Pinnacle Water Gutters have the hook and loop straps, allowing the gutters to hang from the perimeter tubes at the tent eaves.

Pinnacle Series Water Gutters can be ordered in a variety of sizes, depending on the length of the connected marquee sides. Gutters for 6.1 Meter Sides, 4.6 Meter Sides, and 3 Meter Sides are currently in stock. Classic Series marquee gutters have snap clips to connect the gutter to the marquee’s rope line. Always remember that for proper use, the two marquee sides that are adjacent and connected with a water gutter should be the same size; abutting 3 meter and 4.6 meter tents will have water runoff being parallel to at least one area of tent footprint, causing possible splash-in.

Any questions on water gutters or more of our products? Reach us by email at [email protected]!