Popping into Markets Around You!

The farmer’s market has been a growing trend across the United States for a number of years. It shouldn’t be all that shocking seeing as open-air markets are popular across the globe. From selling fresh produce to jumble sales and beyond, it’s easy to see why weekend or two- to three-day markets attract so much attention. Celina has the perfect addition to make sure what you’re selling gets the attention it deserves: the Fast Shade Pop Up Canopy.

Why are Fast Shades such a perfect fit? Well ….

  1. Pop Up Canopies install and are struck quickly 

    The biggest advantage of the Fast Shade is just how easy it is to use. Tent top material is placed on the frame before it is extended, and attached at each corner with hook and loop fasteners. With a simple pulling motion on opposite corners, the tent can be extended 90% of the way. Pushing up on the valance framing at each corner locks them in place. Legs are extended to the height desired, and bam – your tent installation is complete!

    Striking is as easy as repeating the process. With the wheeled roller bag in tow for storing and transporting, there isn’t much more than needs done at each installation site.

  2. Sizes of Fast Shades fit smaller display areas perfectly

    Yes, larger tents are more impressive. But for smaller town and country markets, is there a point? Much more and the work involved in setting up your space will leave you doing install work when other are already making sales. Celina sells Fast Shades in 3m x 3m, 3m x 4,6.1m, and 3m x 6.1m sizes, all of which offer the same simple installation and storing.

    No matter where you’re selling, the Fast Shade makes canopy installation the least of your worries. No guy lines mean that even if you literally only have a 3m wide space, your tent is up and running in no time flat without butting into other people’s space.

  3. Custom Printing makes fast shades a shelter AND advertising space

    A no brainer, right? If you’re bringing your own shade canopy, why not tailor it to market your products? Even something as simple as a design or color scheme that fits with your brand can make your stall more attractive to patrons. Celina’s Fast Shades are printed with vibrant colors that are wear resistant and look great from rendering to finished product.

    Printed Fast Shade Pop Up Canopies make your location easy to spot through branding (“That tent – the one with the big photo of a sheep yelling at her kids!”) or by simply being more noticeable (“Yeah, that hot pink and canary-yellow polka dotted one over there!”). And with more advertising comes more sales.

The Perfect Starting Point

While we’ve listed what we think are the best attributes a Fast Shade can offer, don’t forget that each can be outfitted with various accessories to make every installation unique. Flags that attach to the tent legs? We’ve got them! Looking to wall in one or all sides of your tent? Easy as pie! With so much to customize and outfit, we’re sure you’ll find something that strikes your fancy and gets you noticed in the crowd.

Fast Shades can be ordered online, day or night from our website, GetTent.co.uk. Need help deciding what’s right for you? Chat with us (the window in the lower right corner of every Celina website) and we can help you out! And if phone calls are more your style, give us a ring at 0115 794 0041.