Poppin' it Up - The Athens Utility Shelter

Spring is a wonderful time of the year. The birds start singing, the snow starts melting, and it’s windy and rainy pretty much all of the time. It’s just a great season. If you’re trying to get some work done outdoors, however, what seems like perfect weather may be a bit of a drawback. After all, coming home tired at the end of a work day isn’t improved by adding “soaking wet” to the mix.

It’s for just these situations that the Athens Utility Shelter is intended. Being so easy to carry from job to job – literally fitting into a single bag between installations – makes the shelter perfect for instant, on-the-spot protection from the elements.

Manhole Locations

When work needs to be done in sewers or just below ground, using an Athens Shelter at the opening can keep excess debris from entering the tunnel, not to mention give workers a brief reprieve before reemerging into the outside world. Eyes can readjust to brighter light, and people will have time to put on coats or prep umbrellas for rain and wind.

Temporary/Emergency Break Canopies

While looking at the basic size of a shelter, you might not think of one as a place where you’d like to relax for a bit. Due to the Athens’ portability, it can be especially handy for sitting through a rainy work break on what was supposed to be a dry day. So long as the shelter is kept with the rest of your tool kit, it can be quickly erected to give a reprieve from wind or rain that may make an otherwise enjoyable break miserable (assuming you can’t all fit in the vehicle you arrived at the job in, of courseJ).

Alert Markings

Who said that Athens Shelters had to have people sit inside? Because of the bright white and yellow nylon fabric, the Athens is easy to spot even in low light situations. Shelters can be used to mark installation sites, help locate camps or important areas, or protect meters and important machinery that aren’t going to be used immediately.

* * * * *

These are the more official, commercial uses of course.  We haven’t even covered using them for children playing out in the garden, as temporary changing booths at the beach, or other uses that don’t directly relate to business. Feel free to use your imagination – instant canopies have a million uses!

Looking for more information? Celina has a wealth of videos on this and other canopy styles available on our YouTube channel. You can also send an email to [email protected] to ask any other questions, or call us any weekday at 44-115-794-0041.