Pop Up Canopy Frames: All in One Aluminum

The common methodology when it comes to Celina’s West Coast Style Frame is that the fittings and tubing are used to create multiple different sizes of tents. This is great when you’re a rental service, but not the best aspect should you just own one or two. What’s the point of interchangeability if you’re never inter-changing?

The Fast Shade Pop Up Canopy is Celina’s premiere trade show and booth canopy, allowing you to set up and tear down the entire frame in seconds due to the collapsing design. The fabric top is 100% customizable, with our image and printing specialists on staff to help you turn your custom design, logo, or brand image into reality. With such an easy operation, why would you go with any other system?

Designed for Ease

The basic idea behind the pop-up canopy frame is to make a complete, self-contained frame that is easy to transport and install. When collapsed, the frame fits snugly into the roller bag. The zippered, hook and loop strapped bag keeps the frames secure, with wheels at the bottom to let you roll the tent from place to place.

Once taken out of the bag, opposite corners of the frame are pulled apart slightly in order to start the unfolding process, and the tent top is placed on the frame (this is done so that the top can be centered on the expanding center support before it’s too tall to reach). The frame is then expanded to the full dimensions. The bottom of the telescoping valance frame segments is pushed up at the corners until they click and lock into place. And installation is finished!

Tear down is just as simple; red release tabs at each corner are pressed to release the locks that keep the tent expanded. The frame is then just pushed back together, with all of the joints and pieces collapsing.

Aluminum and You

By not requiring that the frame be disassembled, the components that create the frame must be easy enough to move as an entire unit. This is why Celina offers pop up canopy frames in aluminum only. The lighter weight when compared to a steel frame makes it easier for a single person to carry the entire tent frame to any setup location. Celina offers steel frames for our US customers if there is any desire to have steel over aluminum, and of course, any item that is sold at www.GetTent.com can be special ordered for delivery to the UK.

The Fast Shade Pop Up Canopy with an aluminum frame is a popular choice due to the easy use, simple transportation, and the propensity for individuals to order Fast Shades with custom artwork on the top and (often) on accompanying rail curtains, walls, or backdrops. This customizability makes your Fast Shade yours – a unique canopy for your unique use. Contact us via email – [email protected] – or give us a call at +44 115 794 0041 to learn about all of your Fast Shade Pop Up Canopy options!