Pinnacle Frame Tents – A Quality Investment with Many Returns!

Design the tent of your dreams!

When you think of the items you’ve invested the most in, I’m sure more than a few come to mind. Your house. The car you drive.  Furniture and other room furnishings. Very rarely, though, do you think of tents we use as an investment. Why is this?

Investing Your Money

The amount of money you spend on a tent shouldn’t be written off as just another expense. Just as you want your car, couch, and entertainment system to last for years, you should expect the same level of quality for any tent you buy. That’s why Pinnacle Series Frame Tents from Celina should be at the top of your list.

Returns on Your Investment

Celina Tent prides itself on producing quality tents to give you the greatest return on your investment (ROI). Celina’s Pinnacles are a combination of some of the best designs we’ve worked with for years:

  •  Cast aluminum fittings are sturdy, economical, and above all resist corrosion for years

  •  Galvanized aluminum tubing wards off rust, even when left installed for weeks at a time

  •  The center mast – which pushes the tent top into the sweeping high-peak – is adjustable, letting you alter the tension on your tent fabric, reducing wear

  •  Tent material is 16 oz. PVC vinyl, with a block-out layer to lessen UV effects within your shaded area

  •  Easy-to-use ratchet straps are sturdy and long-lasting, meaning no more messing with knotted ropes and rope locks

  •  Each foot plate is held in place with an anchoring pin through an integrated hole in the plate

  •  Whether using 36” or 42” stakes, properly installed stakes give you maximum holding power that keeps your tent from blowing over

When put together, all of the different parts and pieces that create the Pinnacle Series Frame Tent make for a long-lasting, high-quality tent that will provide shade and shelter summer after summer, giving you a greater ROI than you will find with any other tent manufacturer.

Help is Here – Day or Night!

The best part about working with Celina Tent, other than receiving a high-quality, US engineered product? Once you’ve chosen a Pinnacle tent to fit your needs, we’ll still be here for you! All of the technical specifications and more information on the Pinnacle Series can be found online at, with a wide range of helpful documents and videos to help you get the information you need! Give us a call +44 1157940041, or use our 24/7 website chat service to ask any questions you may have. Let us help you invest in the tent of your dreams that will last you for years to come!