Perfect Pinnacles for Parties and Performances

The Pinnacle Series is the quintessential combination of the frame and pole marquee aesthetics. Supported with a series of tubes connected through cast fittings would seem to set it firmly in the ‘frame’ camp, but then there’s the high peak – a staple design normally relegated to the ‘pole’ arena. Then you come to the cross cables. Compressing the frame and providing the supporting base for the high peak pole, these metal cables don’t really reflecting either of the influencing styles. Pinnacles are an animal all their own.

Because of the combination of familiar and completely new, Pinnacles are one of Celina’s most popular cross-over tents when a customer is normally dedication to a specific style. For this reason we’ve created a wide variety of helpful videos, such as pointing out ratchet use, to help people get more comfortable with this striking canopy. Want some more details? We’re glad you asked! How about …

Custom Printing

Celina used DuraTop, a high-quality vinyl that not only has the block out qualities of standard canopy vinyl but is also great for custom printing! With all processes covered in-house to ensure the highest attention to detail, we can put your logo, photos, designs, text – pretty much anything you want right on your Pinnacle’s top. Printed images make for perfect marketing and brand recognition. Check out Celina’s blog series on printed product setup going on now on our US page!

Sidewalls as a Specialty

The exception to the “sidewalls across all styles” mentality, the sidewalls used on Pinnacle Series Marquees have a different set of connections because of the canopy fabric design. Outlined in this video, Pinnacle Sidewalls have a series of side release buckle straps to connect to the frame as opposed to the canopy, and have special zippers on the vertical sides for wall-to-wall sealing.

Like the fabric top, Pinnacle sidewalls can also be customized with full-color prints.

Shapely Options

While our UK site has the standard 3 meter, 4.6 meter, and 6.1 meter square marquees, there are a few other designs that you can have shipped to you from our main campus in Ohio, US. There are two additional styles that are available:

  • Rectangle
     While functionally identical to the square variety, rectangular Pinnacle Series Marquees have an additional fitting that allows for cross cable connections on both sides of tubing that spans the width of the canopy.

  • Hexagon
     The name says it all, really. Instead of the four corners (or additional central fittings that are not corners, for the rectangular style) these marquees have a total of 6 fittings to create the six-sided footprint. Most customers using Pinnacle Series Hexagon Marquees utilize them for hub canopies connected to larger marquee networks, or for larger meeting or information areas located in high-traffic regions of events.

With such a wealth of choices for a single marquee style, it’s easy to see why the Pinnacle has taken off as one of our more popular styles. Order today online or give us a ring at 44-115-794-0041.