Outdoor Signage - What you Need to Know

In-house imaging and printing is what makes Celina a prime manufacturer of printed products. From any of our tents to marketing materials, we have the experience and the tools to create great looking items customized to your standards. Listed on our website are care and maintenance guides along with warranties for products and printing. And that’s where we’re landing today: what you need to know once your banner comes out of the bag and is ready to go.


When you’ve decided to purchase a banner, take a look at the area where you want to display your print. If outside, the important things to notice are ambient wind or breezes and any nearby items that the banner may come into contact with while installed. Wear on most banners comes from rubbing against adjacent walls or poles, so try and avoid areas with large amounts of moving air.

Your custom banner can be attached to walls, frames, and more. The most common attachment method involves ropes which are fed through grommets or eyelets that have been installed along the hem of the banner. Bungees can also be used in the same way.


While we endeavor to source the highest quality inks and materials, there is still a limit to their ability to with stand wear. Like all of Celina’s prints, it is inadvisable to scrub them in any way. Brushes with hard bristles or vigorous scrubbing can cause the outer layer of the fabric to wear off, which exposes the internal scrim to moisture and bacteria that will cause the fabric to degrade faster. It can also lead to scrim mold, where bacteria travel throughout the scrim and grow within the cloth. This type of mold can’t be removed.

Normal cleaning – soft brushes or cloths with warm soapy water – shouldn’t cause the ink to be lifted from the fabric. Always be careful cleaning printed areas so as to not wear down the prints.


Keeping a banner in great shape requires adequate prep for off-season. After proper cleaning, the banner will need to be completely dried. We simply can’t stress enough how important this drying step is, and it becomes even more important when dealing with printed items. Because of how important the outside of the banner is, minimizing every risk is essential. When folding or rolling your banner, make sure that the printed side is toward the inside so that no print is exposed. This lessens the chance that any damage that may occur during storage affects the print. Lastly, try and store the item indoors, or in an area that has temperature and humidity controls. Banners and fabrics stored outdoors or during rainy weather are at a higher risk.

Not every item lasts forever. But with a few extra steps at the start of installation and between storage and usage, you can ensure many years’ of effective use! For more information on our printed products, visit our Knowledge Center or contact an Account Manager at +44 115 794 0041. We look forward to speaking with you!