Making Your Choice – Resin Versus Wood Tables

It’s tough to find a home or venue that doesn’t have at least one folding table for use. With it so easy to find them at stores around town, it almost seems like an oversight to spend your precious time doing research on what type you may want. After all, a table is a table, right? So long as it stands and can hold things what more thought do I need to invest?

Resin Tables

Water and UV resistance is the primary forte for Resin tables – this allows them to be used indoors and outdoors without worry due to their resilience to the elements. Combine this with the lighter weight that the resin affords and you have a table that will not only last for years, but is also easy to use! There is also a center-folding version, which makes transporting it much simpler for anyone without easy access to moving trucks.

Even with so many positives, the Resin table does have a drawback or two. The look and feel of the resin table can be a disadvantage, as the appearance of the plastic isn’t the most attractive depending on the venue where it’s being used. Resin makes the table lighter, but this in itself can be a worry depending on the weather or windy condition.

Wood Tables

There is just something about the feel and look of a wooden table. It can give warmth to an event and is a very sturdy method of construction. Looking into the future, a wooden table can be refinished multiple times. The life of a single table can be extended with sanding and re-coating with resin and varnish, and table legs can be replaced time and again.

Much work and time needs to be dedicated to ensure the table’s life. Even with the layers of resin and varnish, a wooden table can start to wear down if exposed to water or moist conditions for long periods of time. This makes outdoor use more risky due to humidity exposure, but still an option so long as the tables are stored in a dry area and inspected often.

And More!

We also offer replacement table legs – sets of steel tubing that can be used to create overlapping folded legs (for round/small tables) and standard, non-overlapping table legs (for longer tables). These legs are the standard style used on most of Celina’s wooden tables and can be used for creating your own tables or home projects in addition to just lengthening the life of your current tables.

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