Keeping Your Tent in Check – Celina’s Staking Sentiments

Proper staking is a must.

Proper staking is a major factor when trying to make your tent installation as safe as possible. While the easiest route, adequate staking is just that – adequate. Through years of research and trial at our on-site testing grounds, Celina is confident when we recommend our line of steel stakes for their quality and maximum holding power.

Quality Sourcing and Distribution

Given the importance we place on the stakes used at tent locations, Celina has sourced the best possible stakes for the task. From various size options to the raw materials that go into every stake, we’ve researched and compared stake after stake to find a product that we can proudly say is the best quality that we can offer.

Just like the rest of our products, we’re able to ship our tent stakes worldwide to wherever our customers are. At Celina, our goal is to make sure every tent installation we are involved with in any way has access to the proper materials and items for the best installation possible.

The Standard

Celina’s lines of Classic Series Frame and Pole Tents have been designed and continuously monitored to ensure they are the safest and easiest tents for use over time, with every portion of the installation having been scrutinized and checked for any means of improvement. Through years of research, we have reached the best staking practices to provide you with the highest amount of safety we can offer.

Stake Use - Our Tent Recommendations

When it comes to tent staking, we recommend the use of 91 cm (36”) and 107 cm (42”) stakes, as these will allow for better holding power should the tent or frame be subjected to inclement weather. While we do offer 61 cm (24”), 46 cm (18”) stakes, and 56 cm (22”) anchoring pins, the cumulative reduction of holding power makes them poor substitutes for the larger versions. With more earth to pull against, even loosening caused by repeated wind gusts and guy line movement can be minimized.

The next time you need to purchase anchoring for your tent, we ask you to consider the ramifications of your choice. Will your stakes provide the strength you need, for any and all situations that may arise? Both stakes and staking accessories are available 24/7 online at for fast and convenient ordering. If you don’t find what you’re looking for on, our full catalog at is available at no extra cost and can be ordered and shipped anywhere.