Keeping Tables on Their Feet - Leg Sets for Sale!

As any rental hall or large venue can surely tell you, any table is an investment. With so much space and effort devoted to each piece, the ability to keep a table in working order for years is a necessity. “Hey,” you may be yelling at your screen as you read this, “You’ve already detailed the difference between wood tables and resin tables weeks ago!” And you’d be correct – good eye.

Once you’ve devoted time, energy, and storage space to tables it can be disheartening to have one break down on you. Whether through a design flaw or careless use, a bent leg can mean all of that investment is now a loss. And no one wants that.

New Life for Aging Tables

Celina understands the need to keep maintenance costs to a minimum, and replacing entire pieces can get to be more costly that desired. This has led us to one idea: why not offer an easy way to fix aged tables? When you have a piece that is on its last leg (either literally or figuratively), one of the simplest repairs is a new set of legs. Replacing the hardware underneath can breathe new life into a tabletop.

This can be a stand-alone fix or part of a greater table overhaul. For example, when you’ve decided to resurface the table you would need to remove the legs as part of the process. This is the perfect time to swap them out for a new set – recycling the old and giving your table stable support.

A Fresh Start

Not only great for keeping the tables you have, a new set of table legs can let you create great-looking tables from existing supplies! Say you have extra wood in stock and are looking to get some use out of them or want a size that isn’t kept in stock at most table suppliers. No worries – a little drilling and a few bolts and you’re off and running.

  • Non-Standard Table Sizes: Not every table has just two sets of legs. Have a large area and don’t want to set up table after table? Use existing wood to create longer table tops, attaching legs underneath! Depending on the length, you can add additional sets of folding legs through the middle portion for extra support.

  • Easier Transport for Far-Away Projects: One of the common table drawbacks is transportation difficulties. The farther from your storeroom you have to go, the more trouble hauling tables becomes. Have you considered creating tables when you arrive? Leg sets are less susceptible to damage in transit, and when the event is done you now have a whole slew of new tables!

All Styles

Once you’ve decided on using a new set of table legs, it’s important to know which style or size you’ll be choosing. There are three different sets offered by Celina that fill various purposes:

  1. Banquet Table Legs

    The main difference between banquet style legs and the round style are that the banquet legs do not overlap. This means that the table will need to be long enough to accommodate the length of both legs end-to-end once they are installed.
  2. 72” Round Table Legs

    Our standard overlapping-style leg, the 72” Round Table Leg Set is made with a wide spread between the legs on one piece, creating better support for larger tables. The connection brackets on each leg piece differ so that when collapsed, the legs will fold one over the top of the other easily.

  3. 60” Round Table Legs

    These have the same design as the 72” variety but are narrower so that none of the hardware sticks out from under the table when installed. While named for the round tables that this style of leg is most commonly installed on, they can be used on any shape of a table that would be too small for standard banquet-style legs.

As many uses as new ideas you can come up with, Celina’s Table Leg Sets give you the freedom to have portable folding tables of any appearance you desire! All styles come with powder coating on the steel leg tubing for increased wear and corrosion resistance, plastic floor guides, and dimple-lock mechanisms to keep the legs in either the extended or collapsed positions. If you still have any questions, feel free to contact us by phone (+44 115 794 0041) or by email at [email protected]. And for any further instructional guides and product information, check out our YouTube page.