Improve Your Branding with Printed Table Covers

Dress up your basic table at your next event!

Every table can be improved – whether your table surface is blemished, aging or you simply want to dress it up and promote your brand, Celina can help you improve your table arrangement from the base up! At Celina, each table style offered can be combined with a custom printed table cover to liven up your next event display or draw the eye of every passer-by.

The Print that’s “You” …

The best part about custom printing is the first part – “Custom.” The ability to make your table cover, no matter the style, something that is unique to your house, display, or brand is one-of-a-kind. Many customers like to have their business logos printed on their table covers, as well as other event marketing materials, or at least match their table cover color to that of their company as a means of additional advertising. Celina’s machine washable, fade-resistant dye sublimation process means that your table cover can be used again and again, without fear of having to be treated like another fragile event decoration.

Choosing a distinctive design for table covering isn’t limited to industrial use – imagine what you can do to spruce up your own home! Match covers to your interior design, create festive holiday spreads, personalize bedrooms or commemorate celebrations – the options are only limited by your imagination!

... And The Styles to Match

Here we’re going to break with tradition – you know about regular tablecloths. Squares, rectangles, circles, you get the picture. But today we’re going to take a deeper look into our SPECIALTY table covers – covers that aren’t your run-of-the-mill “big ole” sheets of cloth.

Unique Table Cover Options

How unique can you make a table cover? You may be asking yourself incredulously ….

Convertible Table Covers

For anyone with multiple tables of different sizes, the biggest hassle is making sure that you have table covers that can be used on various table sizes. Should you stock larger sizes, and just let the cover drag on the ground when using the smaller tables? Or should you stock smaller sizes, and expose the legs on your larger tables? The answer is neither!

This is where the Convertible Table Cover shines through; with hook and loop tabs located along the hem, you can take a larger draped-style table cover and pull the corners around to the back, forming a nice fitted cover for a smaller table. Convertible Covers are made to span two different standard table lengths – either between 1.2 m and 1.8 m, or 1.8 m and 2.4 m rectangular tables.

3-Sided Table Covers

A covered table offers two advantages (beyond basic decoration) – hiding the bottom half of persons seated at the table, and covering possible unsightly storage space. Both of these do have one minor drawback, being access to the area beneath the table. Seated at the table, legs tend to be pushed up against the cloth which can be less than comfortable when trying to sit behind the table. If you are using the underside of the table for storage, you need to lift or move the cloth to get to your stored items.

A 3-Sided Table Cover leaves the back side of the table (unable to be seen by visitors) open, making it easier for you to access the storage space or sit comfortably behind the table. A small lip at the back of the table top portion keeps the cloth from falling from the table. Tablecloths with open backs are perfect for tables used in front of audiences or in displays, as no one will be observing the table from behind.

Easy-Access Fitted Table Covers

If you are looking for a table cover that allows quick and easy access to storage underneath the table but would prefer the table to be covered on all sides, the Easy-Access Fitted Cover would be your number one option. A slit down the back of the cover is fastened with hook and loop straps, allowing you to present a completely covered table. Especially suited for displays, the Easy-Access Cover lets you utilize the under-the-table space while still covering the table from every angle.

Is Printing Available on Various Table Cover Options

Of course, we still offer printing on all of our basic table covers – those made to create a smooth, even covering (Fitted Table Covers), or the more classic Draped Style with bunched corners. We’ll work with you from the very first step of the order process, helping you lay out your design with whatever image you’d like, running the cover through production, and getting it shipped to you in as little as one week.

Chat with us 24/7 at our website,, or call us at +44 115 794 0041 with any questions or concerns. We’re here for you!