Homegrown or Far and Away

The strangest part about expanding our business to new countries and areas is the vast distances that now we must incorporate into our processes. After all, the space between us is around 6,033.67 kilometers (3,749.15 miles), you know, give or take about 1/100th of a kilometer. Maybe more; we aren’t mapmakers. Creating products from scratch occurs at three different locations, depending upon the requirements attached to the various products. What comes from where and how? Let’s get into it!


Celina Tent, Inc. (Celina, Ohio, USA)

Products: printed items, specialty items, pre-production of all US items

The two main pieces of production that occur at the Celina main campus are 1.) printed vinyl items and 2.) items in early- or mid-stage development. If an engineer needs to be nearby in order to ensure the product is operating correctly, the entire production process will be handled on-site. The first few stages of production – including cutting the material, issuing hardware, and initial sealing and sewing that doesn’t require assembling the items to full size – are all completed on campus, with the final production processes also completed only under the engineering condition above. All commercial work is also finished here.

Items created at the main campus are routed directly to the Distribution Center, which is located on the grounds. Product that is to be finished at the St. Marys assembly center is transported there daily, which returns to the DC as needed.


Celina Tent, Inc. (St. Marys, Ohio, USA)

Products: all US items at late-stage development

Items that are required to be created within the US and with US-made materials (referred to as “Berry Amendment” items) where the design aspect has been 90-100% completed are finished at our St. Marys, Ohio location. Only a 15 minute drive from our main campus, this location is able to fast-track the end phases of production in an environment suited for the efficiency of each independent product line. Most of the products that moves through this location are high-volume, contracted items.

Product finished at the St. Marys facility is moved into shipping/distribution to the customer, unless made for inventory stock, at which point it is returned to the Distribution Center until needed.


Celina Tent Taicang Co. LTD. (Taicang, JS, China)

Products: standardized commercial items, dye sublimation printing

This includes items such as plain white marquees and other commercial pieces that are no longer undergoing any kind of design or development, or dye-sublimation printing. Plain white materials are created to stock for the Celina Distribution center as these are the most common resale items for tent rental companies.

Most shipping from our Taicang facility is done on a regular schedule for the Distribution Center, with the exception of printed items which are shipped express to the customer’s location.

* * * * *

No matter where your products come from, Celina works hard to ensure that quality is instilled into our items every step of the way (even if those steps cross from town to town or over oceans). As always, we can be reached by calling +44-115-794-0041 or by emailing [email protected].