Have a Seat - or Several!

Chairs are pretty great; they’re light, you can carry them from place to place, set them up for all of your friends to sit on and then get up from. Who doesn’t want that? Chairs are the base level of commodity for most middle to large scale events; a given, really. Are you prepared for your next marquee installation? Celina Tent offers two main models of folding chairs.

Bellbrook Chairs

These are the entry-level seating option provided by Celina Tent. Each has a reinforced polypropylene seat and back, which is UV stabilized for outdoor use (you don’t want the sun breaking down your chairs prematurely). The seat and back combine with the steel pipe frame for seating that holds more than 300 kg of static weight. This doesn’t mean  you can jump up and down on the chairs; they’re strong when you sit still. Bellbrook Chairs are available in standard black and white, fitting in with most decoration schemes.

The main design of the Bellbrook is similar to other chairs but has a multitude of improvements that gives it an edge over most chairs in the same series of seating options.

Oxford Chairs

Providing a little more style, the Oxford Chair is a resin-framed folding chair. Synthetic resin converts to rigid polymers when cured, meaning it is made from materials similar to those that create the vinyl for marquee and canopy tops. They are lightweight and UV and water resistant.

One additional advantage of using the Oxford is the replaceable seat cushion; each seat portion is a separately designed piece that can be quickly removed and replaced. This is most commonly done when the cushion begins to show wear or is damaged, but you can also swap out the seat for the opposite color to create interested visual motifs. This video covers chair cushion removal and replacement.

More Fish in the Electronic Sea

Looking for something with a little more pop? Stackable chairs – i.e., those which have solid frames and no hinging or moving parts – come in a wider variety of styles and colors to fit most decoration options. Each chair has an internal metal support frame that provides an increase in stability and strength over most folding varieties. These can be ordered directly from Celina Tent’s US site.

* * * * *

Even the most zealous event attendee needs to take a break from time to time, and with the economical variety of seating offered by Celina Tent we can help you provide just that! If you have any questions about our stock of seating or availability of stacking items, you can call us at +44-115-794-0041 or send an email to [email protected].