Happy Trade Show Season!

It warms the heart and raises the spirits. It rings with the laughter of children, spreading cheer and good will across the land. It brings together families, both new and old. Grab a cup of warmed cider - yes, it’s time for trade shows! Celina supplies nearly anything you could need for a positive trade show experience. Depending on the venue and your business, we can help you in creating the perfect display.

How can we help you out? Here’s a quick checklist for making an easy customized order:

  1. Decide Your Event

    Congratulations on booking a show! In this step, you start planning by using the size of the booth to start laying out objects that you plan on having. Does your business include handheld items or smaller examples? In that case, a table isn’t a bad idea. Are you going to have artwork or displays that will have their own space? It would be beneficial to keep extra space-taking additions to a minimum. Identify exactly what is going into your booth based on what your specific business is. You can also check with your venue to see if they supply tables or separators for each area.

  2. Filling Out Your Inventory

    Now is your chance to enhance your established setup – if your layout is looking a little empty, Celina offers a wide variety of items to augment your booth’s design. With our large format bespoke printing abilities, we can create flags (complete with indoor anchoring options), a-frame display signs with ads or marketing images, and more. For areas with table or wall space, consider additional table covers and banners. These can be printed to make the existing environment more suited to your needs.

  3. Customize your Items

    The best part about the customization of marketing materials is that you can create genre-specific parts to swap out of existing hardware. For example, the fabric top to our Fast Shade can be ordered separately from the frame, allowing you to swap out the top depending on your event. A-frame sides and flags likewise can have additional printed placards or flag fabric to call out sales, specific product lines, or general advertising.

As you work through the different trade shows you plan on attending, you’ll start to find general categories that make specific marketing easier over time. For customized inventories, most of Celina’s customers have:

  • Generic Logo/Branding: The company name, and larger product lines. These are useful for most any show your company will attend, and aids in establishing brand awareness regardless of your customer base.

  • Sale-Specific Promotion: New items, items on sale for the particular event. While these won’t be used for every show, you can use them so long as you still sell the product

  • Action-Oriented Signage: Similar to the “call to action” in most ads, flags, banner, and signs that give visitors an action (“Sign up for …”, “Free Quotes on the Spot!”, etc.) are more likely to invite them into your presentation area.

Celina can help you tailor your booth to your specific company, with many options to make each and every presentation your own. Contact us today via email ([email protected]) to start your custom printing process!