Go for the Best – Cathedral Style Windows!

Bring added elegance and style to any event with Cathedral Style Windows

Tenting is the perfect combination of being indoors - protected from the wind, rain - and being outside, close to nature and able to enjoy all of the fresh air and sunshine. And one large benefit of tenting is having the option to dress up and enclose your tent with sidewalls for one event or leave them off for the next. While there are a multitude of benefits for all sidewall styles, the Cathedral Window sidewall from Celina expresses all of the desired features in tent protection.

Sidewall Options for Any Tent

While there is typically a good variety of sidewall options for most tents, Cathedral Window Sidewalls are one of the only sidewall options that are available for every style of tent Celina offers.

Our most popular tents, Classic Series Frame and Classic Series Pole Tents, use our first cathedral style, as each has a rope line attached to the underside of the tent top for attaching the sidewall’s plastic snap clips. Whereas our next-in-line Pinnacle Series Frame Tents do not have this rope line – making it necessary to have a totally separate design for the sidewall. However, it is important to us that you are able to add elegance to any tent style you choose, which is why we manufacture Cathedral Window Sidewalls for Pinnacle Series tents, too!  

So Much Tent to Love

The perfect combination of design and elegance, a Cathedral Style Sidewall has all the benefits of a standard Royalty Sidewall, plus more!

  •  16 ounce White Vinyl – Durable and strong, this material is used for all of our sidewalls and many of our tent tops. The internal scrim helps keeps the strength throughout the material.

  •  Heat-welded Window Pane Construction – The clear panes are sealed to the base wall material with RF/HF welding, which creates a water-tight seal.

  •  Tent-Style Attachments – Versions of the Cathedral Window Sidewalls are available for both Classic Frame/Pole and Pinnacle Tents; not matter your tent style, we have the walls for you!

  •  Standard Lengths and Heights – Cathedral Sidewalls come in the same dimensions as the rest of our sidewalls, making them a perfect addition to any tent!

Whether you’re adding walls to a tent you have or getting the whole kit in one go, the addition of Cathedral Window Sidewalls is sure to keep your guests happy and combine both natural light and visibility while still keeping your guests protected from breezes, bugs, and precipitation that comes with the territory.

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