Getting From Us to You – How Quickly Celina’s Products Reach Your Door

Celina's Standard Lead Times

So you’ve looked over Celina Tent Europe’s spread of products, even those stocked and shipping from the US. You’ve picked what you want, gone to your cart and put in your payment info. Clicked on the “check out” button and BAM - You’re done! Now you just have to wait for your items to arrive. But how long will that take? A few days, maybe more? A week? That seems to be stretching it a bit, but then again … how long does it take your order to ship from Celina Tent Europe? Find out below!

Standard Lead Time

The basic mechanics behind Celina’s distribution center are designed to minimize all product movement. Once orders are placed, the items can be pulled and shipped within 24 to 48 hours – movement in as little as two business days! Transit time included, the average order (with items stocked in our distribution center) will arrive at your door 2-3 business days after you order. Automation and quality checks allow us to keep this fast turn-around standard for all of our customers. “That’s great!” you say, because you’re an on-the-go individual.

But what happens when you say, “But … I would like this tent printed, and it says that comes from your plant in the United States!”?

Printed Products – Standard Lead Time

What most of our U.S. customers love most is that we offer our full catalog of items for special custom order – all of which can be found at – which we will also ship directly to your door. What makes this process so great? We have been working long and hard on developing a system to ensure safe and speedy delivery for all of your custom items from our Celina Manufacturing Facility – meaning you are getting the products you need, in a highly respectable time frame.

Products not offered from our distribution center, or anything that is custom printed in our Celina Manufacturing Facility, will be made and shipped to the UK in a standard 5-10 business day period. Combining this with the 2-3 day existing delivery time, the longest you will have to wait – barring unforeseen delays or zombie apocalypse – is 7-12 business days.

All orders can be placed online 24/7 at, with any additional items for sale at our U.S. website,, all ready for speedy shipment. If you have any additional questions about our shipping process, you can ask us via email, or give us a call at +44 115 794 0041. We’re here to help!