Following the Process: How Bespoke Marquees Get to You

Bespoke canopy fabric is so great, especially when you are plying your business in a trade show or festival setting. A memorable canopy gives event guests an easy way to identify your location and even point others to your installation (“Where did you get those hats? ALL of those hats? The Hatty Shack? Big marquee with a cowboy hat on a hot pink canopy? I’ll take a look!”).

Graphics Details

The ubiquitous-ness of technology has made it very easy to get most image you would like printed on the marquee of your choice. While we do not suggest using photos of your friends taken from your mobile phone, properly sized and edited pictures can be emblazoned across your canopy fabric with relative ease.

Once you know what sort of imagery you would like to use – our most common requests are a logo on a solid or patterned background or landscape imagery pertaining to the business – you can either contact Celina Tent about turning it into a print template or download the template yourself if you have a bit of computer know-how. After a brief review the template is endorsed by the customer and the actual production of the product can begin.

If you would like to read more specifics about the preparation stages involving templates and images, the blog series “Print Parade 2018” can walk you through all of the tech requirements for artwork. They are separated by topics:

Printing, Cutting, and Sealing

Otherwise known collectively as “manufacturing”, finalized images on layouts are processed onto the production floor. The files are printed directly onto the vinyl used to make all of our white tent tops and cut out using our CNC (computer numerical controlled) cutting tables. Cut files are created that track key points on the print in order make sure only the right pieces of the vinyl are cut.

Production associates then take the various pieces, which are assembled on hot air welders and fitted with reinforcement patches and all of the final hardware depending on the style and size of marquee. Each item is then inspected and packed.


Once collected, the final product is moved from the main production floor to the Distribution Center – a mere 86 meters away. Shipping is arranged and fit in with the hundreds of shipments that are scheduled to leave the center monthly.

* * * * *

Taking a look at the entire process allows you plan ahead when you decide which products to customize – work with the graphics department at Celina Tent requires preparation on the customer’s end when choosing images that can be used to make the best prints. Always give your order a few extra days due to the additional printing step when decided on when to place your order. For more information on the printed products from Celina Tent, visit our Knowledge Center or contact a customer account manager by email ([email protected]) or phone (44-115-794-0041). We’re here to help!