Every Marquee Can Have a Linen Lining!

While not fabricated from silver per se, even a marquee can have a beautiful under layer in order to make your event smooth, softer, and more visually appealing. Hi-Pro liners, created from polyester fabric, are some of the highest quality liners Celina’s come across yet. Each can be installed on the underside of canopies that are already standing or during the regular installation process. Made for simplicity and beauty, Hi-Pro liners are an investment in attractive installations.

Ease of Use

As previously stated, liners can be attached to a marquee either during the marquee’s installation or after – it should be noted that

  1. This only applies to Frames – Poles will require pre-installation adjusts, and

  2. If installing afterwards on a frame marquee you will have to have a means of reaching the marquee’s peaks (either ladders, lift trucks, or some other means).

Always start by laying out ground cloths underneath the marquee to protect the liner from dirt and grit. For normal installation there should already be a cloth down for the marquee fabric top.

Liners are assembled underneath the canopy; most come in pieces, and so will need to be arranged according to their final positioning before having their seams attached. Along each valance side – the sides that connect to the marquee valance and not to other pieces of liner – the liner has a series of clips that connect to the rope line along the canopy edge. Once the edges are complete on the first portion of liner, the edges of the next liner piece are also connected. At this point, the center is connected:

Frame Assembly

Pole Canopy

Liners created for frames have an eyelet that is connected to a bolt that is inserted through the peak portion of the liner; both liner pieces are connected to the bolt, with a rope line tied through the eyelet. This rope is fed through a pulley that straps to the crown fitting at the marquee’s peak and then down to one side of the frame at the perimeter tubing. It should wrap around the outside of the perimeter tubing, between the tubing and the fabric top.


For marquees that are already completely installed, the ropes (located at each crown fitting) can all be installed at one time prior to the rest of the liner installation and left hanging within reach of ground crews.


While still at ground level the seams with hook and loop fastener are linked together to form a single piece of liner. This is continued until the entirety of the liner is assembled.

Included with the pole canopy version of the liner is a hardware adapter that allows you to install a pulley onto the pin at the top of the canopy’s center poles. These MUST be installed before the canopy is lifted on the poles, as the fabric won’t be able to be lifted from the pole pin to install the hardware after the fabric is tensioned. The end of the rope for installation is tied to a ring welded to the hardware adapter.


The lifting rope is fed through a pulley which is connected to the hub assembly ring that holds the liner. It is then fed back through a pulley on the hardware adapter, and lastly falls back through the hub assembly so that it hangs along the side of the center pole that the assembled is attached to.


Once bolted to the liner fabric, the hook and loop seams are connected to create a single liner piece. This is done until all liner pieces are assembled. 

With all liner sections connected and secured along the valance, the rope lines are pulled to lift the liner centers. All rope locations need to be pulled at the same time, so as to not stress the fabric and either disconnect the seams or create tears. The ropes are then tied off to secure the liner in place until the event is over.

Hi-Pro Liners can be purchased from Celina’s US website, and are shipped world-wide for events at any location. Have any questions about liners or US ordering? Call us at 44-115-794-0041 to chat with our Customer Account Managers, or send us an email to [email protected]. We look forward to hearing from you!