Easy Seating for All!

Standing or sitting – if you had a choice, which one are you going for? Festivals, banquets, and receptions would be nearly unbearable without seats for guests. Even the most hyper-active youth takes a break from time to time. Where are you going to get all of that seating?

Celina Tent has been a premiere tent-hire-company supplier for many years, and we’ve seen chair styles come and go. Through our analysis of most often used and loved chairs, we’ve decided to stock the two most popular in our UK facility.

The Oxford Folding Chair

Resin chairs, are comfortable and more visually appealing in most decorated venues. Each Oxford Resin Folding Chair has UV resistance and is waterproof to make them great for indoor and outdoor use. Celina Tent also offers folding chair bags, to help you carry and store multiple chairs at once.

The most attractive feature of the Oxford is the replaceable seat pad, which can be swapped out in seconds if the pad becomes damaged or a new color is desired. Chair pads would need to be ordered from our US facility here.

The Bellbrook Folding Chair

Simple, straightforward seating is best filled with the Bellbrook Folding chair. Made from polypropylene, the seat and back portions of the chair are easy to clean with warm soapy water, and are made with UV protection. This makes them a great addition to sunny outdoor venues as the material resists breakdown.

While economical and sturdy, the industrial look may not be exactly what you’re going for. You’ll have to weigh your options on whether budgeting can allow for more visually appealing chairs.

Other Options

While Celina Tent only stocks out popular folding chairs in the UK, we have a wider variety of styles and colors from our base of operations in Celina, Ohio, USA. As with all of our main line products, we offer shipping directly from our main facility for anyone who has a different look in mind for their event. You can choose from:


Bellaire Chiavari Chairs


Bedford Modern Side Chairs


Mason Tiffany Dining Chairs


Bellbrook Fan Back Chair

Fayette Napoleon Chairs


Parma Birch Stencil Chairs


Mayfield Molded Chair

Dover Cross Back Chairs

Whether you’re shopping for a few chairs to put in your lobby, chairs for outdoor dining, or stocking an event venue, Celina Tent has the styles and colors you need! Check out our chair pages or call us at 0115 794 0041 so we can answer any questions you have.