Don’t Get Burned on Flame Certification for Your Tents

Is Your Tent Properly Certified for Safety?

It’s been said that you should never make assumptions. That just makes good, logical sense; after all, why take for granted something that could possibly be wrong? When it comes to safety, there is no room for error of any kind. The consequences would be too great. This is why it is vital to get a flame certificate when looking into tents.

What is a Flame Tent Certificate?

We aren’t all firefighters – so exactly what does a flame certificate do? The average flame certificate can be one of two things (preferably both):

    1. Label

    Fabric shelters should all have the flame certification located somewhere on the tent fabric. Most commonly, the flame certificate label can be found on the     inside edges of the tent fabric. Always make sure that the tents you use have this label displayed and easily visible.

     2. Paper Certificate

    In addition to markings on shelter fabrics, any retailer dealing in structures should have a paper or printable certificate that you have access to. These are     useful as they can be sent/handed to inspectors or fire code enforcers.

    3. What Your Flame Certificate Means

    Flame Certifications list the extensive tests that the fabric or product has undergone, dealing with flame resistance, spread, and burn time after the ignition     source is removed. Various testing agencies publish testing procedures to follow. These outline what tests need passing in order to achieve the certification.

    4. How to Know If Your Tent Has a Flame Certificate

    Ask! Before you purchase a tent, always ask your sales representative if the tent comes with a verified flame certificate, or try to find the necessary     information on their website. Most tent dealers should have this type of data easily on hand since it is often required for installations in certain zoning areas     or public places. However, be sure to watch out for the following:

     5. A company that avoids your questions. If no one is responding to your questions about flame certifications, it may be because they do not possess any.     Your safety is too important to be glossed over.

     6. The certification is vague, extremely general, or not in keeping with their other informational materials. It has occurred in the past – companies have     taken the flame specs from other sources and passed them off as their own. Make sure the certification shows what testing has been completed, and which     tests the material passes.

Keep yourself and your guests safe and your installation up to code – make sure any tent you purchase has an up-to-date flame certification. All tents made and shipped from Celina come with a Flame Certification Label, with a downloadable PDF of the full certificate available online. You can find all flame certificates for Celina products at the Knowledge Center on our website, Feel free to watch the accompanying videos or contact us with any questions you may have regarding tent flammability certifications. It’s your right to know!