Do's and Don'ts of Winter Marquee Care

As the chilly season starts to set in around us, care for your marquees will seemingly become much, much simpler. After all, a canopy that is packed and stored doesn’t need much in the way of checkups, does it? At least, that’s what most people think. With multiple canopies being such an investment in time, space, and purchasing, the most attentive care even when not installed can greatly improve your marquee-owning experience. Sort of like plants; don’t need fed every day, but don’t water them for 4 months and you may see some decline in quality.

In order to keep you from having to slog through a large amount of text to get all the answers, we’ve assembled today’s tips into a handy bulleted list! We’ve even made each of the titles either alliterations or rhymes.


  • Properly Pack your Precious Panels

            The first step to proper storage is making sure that everything is put away correctly. This means:

                        Everything is completely dry prior to packaging (this prevents mold and mildew growth)

                        Fold all items in the correct way (this allows storage bags to fit snugly)

                        Ensure you’re items are labels or have the identification that you prefer readily readable

  • Ready to Store? Off the Floor!

            The lower to the ground you are, the higher the air’s moisture content is going to be. We can all agree on this, I feel. So by laying items on the ground             directly, you are inviting a higher concentration of moisture. This is also prime rodent levels – that is to say, the less a mouse has to climb to discover a             brand new, ready-made insulated flat, the more likely it is he is going to move in. Maybe even have a family (aww). Raising your stored canopies on racks             or shelving prevents easy access.

  • Climate Controls

            This one will be harder than most to achieve, as a completely controlled climate is hard to come by apart from your standard research laboratory.             Storage areas are preferably kept dry without any accumulated debris such as leaves, grass, or other detritus. The more these sorts of thing gather, the             more the chance that mold and mildew will be present for the duration of your storage. While surface molds are relatively easy to remove through             standard washing, some mildew can stain the PVC outer layer. Should there be breaks in your vinyl that expose the scrim, this too can allow mildew to             penetrate into the inner layers of the fabric. There is no way to remove scrim mold.


  • Wet Wraps

            Packing wet canopies is only ok under one single situation – you need to strike tents in the rain because your event is over. Even then, you need to air             out or dry the tents after the cleaning phase post-installation. When preparing for the winter-season lull, dry fabric is the crucial first step to avoiding             growth of any kind within the contained folds of a marquee top or sidewall.

  • Left to Wither in the Weather

            Most things are best kept out of the weather. From a simple covered portcullis to a full-fledged storage shed, there are many disparate types of storage             that are available depending on your level of marquee ownership. Of course, this point is all but useless if you aren’t going to put your canopies under             cover. The best storage is an enclosed space that has a minimal amount of outside interference. That is to say, the less weather, the better.

            Hermits are interesting folks. They cut themselves off completely from society, and nary a letter or tweet can reach them. While a select few are able to             accomplish this with no drawbacks, the vast majority of people like to be checked up on every so often. This is the same with your marquees.             Intermittent checks – for storage shelter leaks, to make sure nothing has collapsed on itself, that there are no obvious signs of rodent habitats – not             only allow you to correct issues relatively soon after they occur but can help give you peace of mind if you’re the worrying type.


Hopefully these quick tips will make your season marquee storage that much easier in the long run. These items are the most common that we find help out to make sure marquee owners are able to use their canopies year after year to the greatest success. Questions or concerns? Let us know by emailing [email protected] or by giving us a ring at +44-115-794-0041. We look forward to hearing from you!