Custom Sidewalls Fit for Any Tent - Rain or Shine!

Improve your tent with the simple addition of custom sidewalls!

Any tent installation can be improved with the addition of tent sidewalls! The main styles sold by Celina Tent – for use with our Classic Frame, Classic Pole, and Pinnacle tents – are easy to install and come in a variety of styles for any occasion.

Standard Tent Sidewall Options

First and foremost, it’s important to remember that there are two different sidewall styles that connect to tents in different ways.

        1.) Classic Series Sidewalls: Most sidewalls are made to attach to rope line installed within the tent top, and can be used with Classic Series Frame and         Pole Tents. These are the most common and span the various types – Cathedral Window, Solid Royalty, etc.

        2.) Pinnacle Series Sidewalls: Pinnacle Tents do not have the rope line, and thus require a separate sidewall design. The same styles are available as for         the Classic Series Tents, but it is important to know whether you need the pinnacle style or classic style prior to ordering, as they are not interchangeable.

Custom Sidewalls for any Event

All types of Celina Tent sidewalls can be custom printed, adding your designs, logos, photos, or signs directly to your tent. Our highly-skilled graphic design and creative department can print your sidewalls with any image you would like. You can use sidewalls for queueing directions, removing holes for novelty photo spots or targets for tossing-games, or using designs to help your tent blend with its surroundings –the options are unlimited! Printing is available for all sidewall styles, including the windowed version.

Templates for printing – letting you create your own layouts and designs – are available on our website and can be submitted with a few easy clicks. Even if you aren’t sure about your imaging abilities, you can submit images or text that you want on the same page and request a mock-up from us, free of charge.

Let the Sun Shine In 

Window Sidewalls provide the same protection as solid sidewalls, while allowing natural light into your tent’s interior. Tent sidewalls generally block out most incoming light, requiring the addition of lamps or lights in order to make the interior space more inviting and usable. The windowed sidewalls brighten your interior during daylight hours and open up the view from within. Keep an eye on children, soak up the sun, and keep your tent interior safe!

With so many different applications, sidewalls from Celina can set your tent on a whole other level. The limit of your tent’s use coincides with that of your own imagination! Contact us today and we can work together to make your dream a reality!

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