Custom Printing: What Products are Personalized?

The idea of custom printing opens up a whole slew of possibilities. Set up a booth at a fair or convention and proudly display your company brand, or have a cheerily printed matching tent and table cover for celebrations right in your own garden. Suffice it to say that most of the items Celina offers can be tailored to your decorating whim. But just which products can we customize?


Yes, Celina Tent sells tents! (Shocking, we know) All of our main tent lines, from Classic Pole and Frame Tents to the Fast Shade Pop Up Canopy, can all be custom printed to your specifications. The larger tents such as the Classic Series mentioned above and the Pinnacle Series High Peak Frame Tents are all created using our high-quality latex printer. Combined with the use of DuraPrint fabrics, which are specially designed to accept inks for a durable and long-lasting image, tents created with printed images are just as structurally sound as our standard 16 oz. vinyl fabrics.

Table Covers

The main worry with table covers is the act of washing; will the dyes be set up enough for at-home or industrial laundry machines? Does repeated washing ruin the table cover’s colors? Luckily the answer is no. Unlike printing practices such as screen printing, we use dye sublimation as a means of embedding the inks for the image into each fabric fiber. The fibers contain the image, allowing you to wash your table covers repeatedly without worry about fading or the image peeling off.

All of Celina’s table cover styles are available for printing, from the classic draped styles (which include 3-sided and convertible varieties depending on their intended use) to the more linear fitted and stretch types.

Advertising Products

As we’ve mentioned previously, while we are only stocking our best selling products in our UK Distribution Center, all items available to Celina Tent customers in the US are available for shipment to the UK. With a quick trip to our US site,, you’ll notice that there are many other custom printing options beyond what’s over your head or on your tables. Our most popular custom printing accessories include:

  • Barrel Covers: Whether they’re used as covers for barrel weights or used to spruce up event garbage bins, printed barrel covers allow you hide the barrel itself.

  • Flags: Celina’s printed flags come in three separate shapes (teardrop, feather, and square), with a wide range of stands and backpack version to let you catch the eye of potential customers even in a crowd!

  • Trade Show Displays: Whether you’re looking at the Step & Repeat Banner for a photo-op event or an A-Frame, Retractable or Scrolling Banner to attract attention at your booth, we offer custom printing to allow you get your exact message out there.

  • Banners: From the classic Boulevard Banners to vinyl and mesh banner of any size, Celina is able to create easy-to-install signs, event advertising, and custom decoration for street light poles, fences, storefronts – and so much more!

Suffice it to say that if we sell a fabric, we can print it! Between our many printing-oriented videos on our YouTube Channel and our 24/7 Chat Support Team, we’re sure that we can help you with any customized printing you may be looking into. You can even call us at +44-115-794-0041 to talk with our sales representative who would be happy to answer any questions you may have. Contact us today!


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