Classics and Masters: Making the Choice

Frame marques from Celina have two major styles of tops. Between the two styles, the Master Series and the Classic Series, the metal frame is constructed in the same manner. The same frame will work for either canopy. Tops for each have unique attachment hardware reflecting the fabric designs. All Classic Series Frame Marquees have a series of alligator straps that wrap around the perimeter tubing at the valance of the marquee. These have to be attached by hand once the fabric is pulled onto the assembled framework, and are tightened individually in order to secure it in place. On the Master Series Frame Marquee, all tension that extends through the fabric is handled by a series of ratchet straps attached at leg locations.

Ratchet Straps?

Master Series Marquees are made with faster installation in mind; instead of the series of alligator straps, each section of valance on the top is equipped with a catenary curve that ends at each leg location. The end of the valance fabric has a metal ring sewn onto the point, through which the plain loop strap of a ratchet assemble is fed. This is to transfer all of the fabric tension directly down to the base of each leg location.

The Curve

The valance on the Master Series is created in a catenary curve; this means that the curve is similar to that which naturally forms when a chair or other weighted line is attached at to even points and allowed to hang freely. When you used in architecture, this style of an arch (the inversion of the hanging line form) transfers all pressure – or in our case, tension – evenly across the arch and directly to the base points at the end of each curve. Using this style of curvature on the valance allows us to pull on the fabric in a uniform manner that gives a smooth, clean look to the fabric canopy and much faster installation time due to the drastic reduction of attachment points.


As mentioned in our introductory paragraph (yay writing!) the overall frame is assembled and anchored in the same way regardless of the top you’ll be installing. The sole exception between frame pieces is the base plates: in order to accommodate the disparate top anchoring method that Master Series marquees use, the base plates must be Master Series Base Plates. These have an additional protrusion on the plate with accepts a stake for additional anchoring. The protrusion also has a hook attached to it, which gives a connection point for the fabric top’s ratchet straps.

The Choice

Simply put, the differences between the two types of marquees are:


Classic Series

Master Series


Basic Set

Basic Set, plus:

  • Additional special base plates

  • Additional set of ratchet straps at each leg location

  • Double amount of stakes required

Top Attachment

Series of alligator straps on the underside of the top (spaced one every 38 cm) – longer installation time

Ratchet straps located at leg tubing locations – reduced installation time

Valance Appearance

Scalloped valances running entire sides

Curved valance, spanning leg-to-leg


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