Celina Tent UK – Who We Are

Get to know Celina Tent!

Celina Tent is excited to open its UK distribution center in early 2017!

Where Celina’s Tent Manufacturing Began

As a business, Celina has roots as far back as 1922 as a general store in the same namesake town where our main factory and distribution center resides. As times and tastes change in a region, so do the types of services available. Hardware stores being fairly common, the business eventually morphed into a tent rental company in 1996.

Renting tents can take its toll – there is a lot of manual labor involved, and the tents and equipment themselves need to be treated with care as the enterprise’s investment. It’s not hard to imagine that after a few years, Celina Tent Rental had a very good idea as to what made one tent higher quality than another. Idea led to idea, finally coalescing into what Celina is today; a manufacturer of quality tent fabrics, and distributor of fine tent accessories.

Recent History

While our company history can be found beat-by-beat on our website, several developments of note demand special mention:


As more and more tents are used, encompassing all of the most popular styles of the time, it became clear that simply buying the same styles over and over again wasn’t going to improve tenting. Therefore, Celina began to develop and design tents on its own, enlisting the help of its ever-expanding engineering department to make tents of higher quality.


Celina launched the online e-commerce site, www.GetTent.com, in order to be able to offer tents and event equipment for sale 24/7. Integrated with the sales site is the compendium of all of Celina’s manuals, flyers, videos, and chat service to give our all to help our customers.


As the tent and product designs became more specialized, Celina integrated in-house printers into the workflow to give a personal touch to its products. Corporate banners, helpful event flags, and customized tent tops and table covers were now about to be made on the fly, shortening lead times and giving a greater variety to the items offered.


One of many expansions added 1,045 square meters to Celina’s existing factory. This created room for larger production lines and helped to relieve some of the tensions caused by lack of space in producing larger items.


Another expansion, this one 2508.4 square meters in area, almost doubles Celina’s production space. This allowed for many other factory upgrades, including two new cutting modules, new quilting machines, and ducting equipment to be integrated into the production lines and further expand the abilities we Celina could offer to its customer base.

As the future draws ever nearer, we know that we can keep innovating and improving to maintain our position as a global distributor of the highest quality tent products. With the impending launch of our UK website, www.GetTent.co.uk, we hope to bring the best in canopies and products for people everywhere. Check us out today for information on custom printing, easy-to-assemble frame and pole tents, and accessories to make your tent experience the best it can be!